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Wrestling Articles

In this section, you will find 4 unsorted articles about the history of wrestling.

Sportfolio - Tiger Tasker Eager To Fight Tony Galento
Oscar Maki said to Tiger Tasker, ”How much extra would you want to take a poke at Tony Galento next Monday night?” ”I don't want anything extra. All I want to do is get the chance to take a cut at him,” answered the Tiger. And from some barnstorming center between here and East Podunk, one can almost hear the Orange, N. J., tremendous ”Two-Tonner” answer, ”Why, I'll moider that bum.”

No, we haven't gone gullible. We haven't fallen victim to the ways of big-time promoting or to the ”grunt and groan” fantasies being displayed in this locality. But, we can truthfully say this, ”With two such zanies as Tasker and Galento in the same ring, well, almost anything can happen.

A harsh word, bandied one way or the other might very easily lead to a free-for-all in the Jack Claybourne-Tasker match, scheduled to come off at city hall next Monday night. For example,without even knowing Galento, other than seeing his face in the newsprint, Tasker is ready to pound him.

For there, under the direction of Willie Gilzenberg, the third man in the ring will be none other than the former heavyweight contender, the beer-barrel who walks like a man. Galento is hardly the guy to do any fooling with, while Tasker certainly doesn't boast of holding respect for any of the men in white.

With Tasker's assurance that he is going to get ”in his licks” on Anthony, it seems certain that Fitchburg's rabid wrestling clientel will have more than its share of excitement on Monday.

Here we are talking like an addict. But, seriously, it is a known fact that Galento wouldn't think a thing of not confining his fisticuffs to the ring. As far as he is concerned, it might very easily be down at Depot square or at Upper common. The guy just loves to fight. Anyplace.

Right after he had been defeated by Joe Louis in 1939, some friends of ours had occasion to visit Tony at his Orange tavern, and on mere mention of the Brown Bomber's name, he almost sent them sprawling over the beer keg. He was giving away autographed photos of himself – a shot of the moment when he put the champion down for a short count – there were no pictures to be had or seen of Anthony kissing the floor.

At the time when Tony was pounding all kinds of opposition out of circulation, the only person who held a verdict over him was his rotund wifey, who caught him on the squash one night with the jagged edge of a beer mug. Their battles, in the streets of Orange, were as famous as the recent Detroit race-riots or St. Valentine's day's massacre, as far as the actual blood flow count was concerned. And in each case, it was the ”red stuff” of the he-Galento.

So, while we know, deep down in our heart, that Galento has gone to such extremes to have a battle, we also can lay claim to the belief that it will take much less than a classic crack like Tasker pulled on Tony to Oscar, to make Galento proceed to tear the Winnipeg lumberjack from limb to limb. No, we haven't fallen, but, we think Tasker will. © by The Team (2001-2023)  •  Multilanguage Version © by Axel Saalbach (2008-2023)  •  This Page in German   •  Legal Disclosure  •  Privacy Policy