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Match Statistics for SASE

Here you can see the individual match statistics for SASE, either based on his or her whole career, a single year, or a single month. Additionally, match listings will show how the statistics came about.

Type of Statistics Wins Draws Defeats Difference Matches
Complete Statistics 17 0 31 -14 48
Statistics for 2017 8 0 14 -6 22
Statistics for October 2017 3 0 3 0 6

Matches of SASE in October 2017
1A-Team @ Yokohama
2017/10/07 @ Tsurumi Market in Yokohama, Kanagawa (Japan)
Naoshi Sano, Rion Mizuki, Raiden, Masahiro Sase and Toshiaki Terao defeated Small Antonio Inoki, Kunihiko Mitamega, Tsuneo Yoshie, Chinsuke Nakamura and Kota Kobashi (7:53 minutes) [2 out of 3 Falls Match]
2 Atsushi Onita Produce: Sayonara Onita, Goodbye Electric Current Blast ~ Atsushi Onita Final Tour
2017/10/09 @ Odaiba Special Outdoor Ring in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Atsushi Onita, Raijin Yaguchi, Hideki Hosaka, Masahiro Sase and HASEGAWA defeated Matt Tremont, DJ Hyde, NOSAWA Rongai, FUJITA and Chainsaw Tony (10:15 minutes) [No Ropes Barbed Wire Electric Current Blast Death Match]
3FMW @ Joetsu
2017/10/12 @ Sightseeing Center in Joetsu, Niigata (Japan)
Choden Senshi Battle Ranger and Masahiro Sase defeated Naoshi Sano and The Yotchan (7:54 minutes)
4FMW Atsushi Onita Retirement FMW Last Match
2017/10/15 @ Citizen Gymnasium in Kisarazu, Chiba (Japan)
Choden Senshi Battle Ranger, HASEGAWA and Toshiaki Terao defeated Naoshi Sano, Pandita Nuevo and Masahiro Sase (11:56 minutes)
5A-Team Akb48 Support Special Match: We Are Not Defeated By the Typhoon! Dangerous Night in Okinawa
2017/10/21 @ Churasun Beach Special Ring in Tomigusuku, Okinawa (Japan)
Naoshi Sano defeated Masahiro Sase (5:18 minutes)
6 Atsushi Onita Produce: Atsushi Onita Final Retirement
2017/10/31 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Choden Senshi Battle Ranger defeated 326 and Chainsaw Tony and Flying Kid Ichihara and Freddy Krueger and Macho Michaels and Masahiro Sase and Masaru Kameda and Naoshi Sano and Raiden and Raijin Yaguchi and Ricky Fuji and The Shocker #1 and Takumi Sakurai and Tomo Ryu and Toshiaki Terao and Wild Bear and Wild Common and Wild Seven and Wildcat (10:20 minutes) [20 Man Winner gets 100.000 Yen Independent World Battle Royal] by The Team (2001-2019)    Multilanguage Version by Axel Saalbach (2008-2019)    This Page in German     Legal Disclosure    Privacy Policy