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Match Statistics for El Metálico

Here you can see the individual match statistics for El Metálico, either based on his or her whole career, a single year, or a single month. Additionally, match listings will show how the statistics came about.

Type of Statistics Wins Draws Defeats Difference Matches
Complete Statistics 441 2 269 +172 735 (712)
Statistics for 2007 31 0 32 -1 69 (63)
Statistics for January 2007 2 0 4 -2 9 (6)

Matches of El Metálico in January 2007
1 Show @ Torreón
2007/01/01 @ El Deportivo 'Los Soberanos' in Torreón, Coahuila de Zaragoza (Mexico)
El Hijo del Soberano, Stuka Jr. and Tigre Metálico vs. Misterioso #2, El Soberano Jr. and Último Guerrero - winner unknown
2AOL @ Gómez Palacio
2007/01/04 @ La Arena Olímpico Laguna in Gómez Palacio, Durango (Mexico)
El Tackle defeated Astuto and El Hijo del Soberano and El Hombre sin Miedo and Hooligan and Mini Star and Misterioso #2 and Mr. Guerrero and El Soberano Jr. and Stuka Jr. and Tigre Metálico and Último Guerrero [Torneo Cibernético]
3 Promociones Juba @ Reynosa
2007/01/07 @ La Arena Coliseo in Reynosa, Tamaulipas (Mexico)
Chamaco Ortiz and Tigre Metálico vs. Halcón de Oro and Misterioso #2 - winner unknown
4 Show @ Monterrey
2007/01/07 @ El Gimnasio 'Nuevo León' in Monterrey, Nuevo León (Mexico)
Ephesto, Hooligan and Misterioso #2 vs. Stuka, Stuka Jr. and Tigre Metálico - winner unknown
5 Show @ Monterrey
2007/01/14 @ El Gimnasio 'Nuevo León' in Monterrey, Nuevo León (Mexico)
Trueno Jr., El Hijo del Soberano and Misterioso #2 defeated Stuka, Tigre Metálico and Stuka Jr.
6CMLL Martes de Coliseo
2007/01/16 @ La Arena Coliseo in México, Distrito Federal (Mexico)
Apocalipsis, Hooligan and Ramstein defeated Leono, Tigre Metálico and Tigre Blanco
7CMLL Lunes Arena Puebla
2007/01/22 @ La Arena Puebla in Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Puebla (Mexico)
Hooligan, Loco Max and Maniacop defeated El Texano Jr., Tigre Metálico and El Valiente
8CMLL Súper Viernes
2007/01/26 @ La Arena México in México, Distrito Federal (Mexico)
Tigre Blanco and Tigre Metálico defeated Calígula and Méssala
9CMLL Martes de Coliseo
2007/01/30 @ La Arena Coliseo in México, Distrito Federal (Mexico)
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