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General Information
© Miguel Discart
Real Name Natalie Katherine Neidhart-Wilson
Weight and Height 135 lbs. (61 kg) at 5'5'' (1.65 m)
Birthplace Calgary, Alberta (Canada)
Date of Birth 27th May 1982 (age 40)
Debut 2000

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Alias Nadia Hart, Natalie Neidhart, Natalya, Natalya Neidhart, Nattie Neidhart
Nicknames The Anvilette, Naughty by Nature
Familiy Ties Natalya is the niece of Alison Hart, the niece of Ben Bassarab, the niece of BJ Annis, the niece of Bret Hart, the niece of Bruce Hart, the cousin of Davey Boy Smith Jr., the niece of Dean Hart, the niece of Diana Hart, the daughter of Ellie Hart, the niece of Georgia Hart, the granddaughter of Helen Hart, the daughter of Jim Neidhart, the niece of Keith Hart, the cousin of Matt Hart, the cousin of Mike Hart, the niece of Owen Hart, the niece of Ross Hart, the niece of Smith Hart, the granddaughter of Stu Hart, the cousin of Teddy Hart, the wife of Tyson Kidd and the niece of Wayne Hart.
Trainer Was trained by Stu Hart and Tyson Kidd.
Students Trained Brie García, Channing Lorenzo, Chucky the Boy Wonder, Eva Marie and Nikki García.
Finisher Reverse Powerbomb (Nattie By Nature), Scorpion Deathlock (Sharpshooter), Spinning Clothesline (Nattie By Nature) and Spinning Power Bomb
Trademark Moves Airplane Spin, Backbreaker, Bridging German Suplex, Discus Lariat, Russian Legsweep and Sitdown Bodyslam
Tag Teams Divas of Doom with Beth Phoenix (as Natalya)
Team Pawz with Kevin Owens (as Natalya)
Team Pawz [2] with Bobby Roode (as Natalya)
Stables Hart Dynasty with David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd (as Natalya)
Hart Foundation 2.0 with Harry Smith, Jack Evans, Teddy Hart and TJ Wilson (as Nattie Neidhart)
New Generation Hart Foundation with Billy Kidman, Harry Smith, Ted DiBiase Jr., Teddy Hart and TJ Wilson (as Natalie Neidhart)
New Hart Foundation with DH Smith and TJ Wilson (as Natalya)
Next Generation Hart Foundation with Harry Smith and TJ Wilson (as Nattie Neidhart)
Next Generation Hart Foundation [2] with Harry Smith and Teddy Hart (as Nattie Neidhart)
The Welcoming Committee with Carmella, Lana and Tamina (as Natalya)
Management Managed as "Natalya": AJ, Cesaro, David Hart Smith, The Great Khali, Kaitlyn, Maryse and Tyson Kidd. Managed as "Nattie Neidhart": Harry Smith and Teddy Hart.
Managed by Managed by Victoria.
Matches Fought
Statistics and information about the 1644 matches fought by Natalya in our events database
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- Natalie ’Nattie’ Neidhart is a member of the Hart wrestling dynasty. She is the daughter of Jim Neidhart, known as ’the Anvil’, and Ellie Hart, making her the granddaughter of family patriarch Stu Hart, as well as the niece of former world champion Bret Hart and the late Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith among others. She received wrestling training at the famed Hart family Dungeon in Calgary, and made her debut in 2000. She is widely considered to be the first third-generation female wrestler in the world.
- In 2002, under the name Nattie Neidhart, she made her debut for the Hart family’s Stampede Wrestling promotion. There, she had a two-year feud with Belle Lovitz before forming a tag team with her, and held the Women’s Pacific championship on two occasions. She also wrestled for the NWA-affiliated Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling promotion, where she defeated former WWE Women’s champion Lisa Moretti, better known as Ivory, to capture the SuperGirls title in 2006.
- Outside of Canada, Neidhart toured Europe and Japan (where she was known as Nadia Hart) in 2004 and 2005. While in Japan she suffered a cruciate ligament injury which kept her out of the ring for six months and required surgery. In October 2006 she appeared at the Shimmer: Women Athletes tapings for Volumes 7 and 8, where she wrestled Sara del Rey and Ariel.
- In January 2007 she signed a developmental contract with WWE and was assigned to began wrestling in its Deep South Wrestling developmental territory in Georgia as Nattie Neidhart. She moved to Ohio Valley Wrestling later in the year when Deep South was dissolved. While in OVW, she formed the Next Generation Hart Foundation with her cousins Teddy Hart and Harry Smith. The trio were later transferred again to Florida Championship Wrestling, soon after which Teddy was released and replaced in the stable by Nattie’s real-life boyfriend and fellow Dungeon graduate TJ Wilson.
- She made her debut on the main WWE roster in April 2008, using the name Natalya Neidhart (later shortened to just Natalya) and forming an alliance with Victoria. In June at the Great American Bash pay-per-view she faced Michelle McCool in a match to crown the first WWE Divas champion, but was defeated.
- In 2009 she began managing Tyson Kidd (the former TJ Wilson) on the ECW brand, they were later joined by David Hart Smith (the former Harry Smith) to form the Hart Dynasty. The trio were later transferred to Smackdown and feuded with the likes of Cryme Tyme and Eve Torres, and The Usos and Tamina. They assisted Bret Hart in his match with Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania 26 in 2010.
- The Hart Dynasty disbanded in November 2010, shortly after which Natalya captured the WWE Divas Title for the first time in 2-on-1 handicap match against self-professed ’co-champions’ Layla and Michelle McCool at the Survivor Series pay-per-view. She held the belt for two months.
- In April 2011 she began acting as on-screen mentor to rookies AJ Lee and Kaitlyn, known together as The Chickbusters, until she turned heel in August by attacking AJ and aligning herself with Beth Phoenix. Known as the Divas of Doom, Natalya and Phoenix declared war on the ’perky little princesses’ of the Divas division, and feuded with Kelly Kelly and Eve over the Divas title for the remainder of the year before quietly disbanding.
- Early 2012 saw an infamous, short-lived storyline in which Natalya was seen to have a flatulence problem. Later in the year she became aligned with The Great Khali and Hornswoggle for several months. In April 2013 she was announced as one of the cast members of WWE and the E! Network’s reality series ’Total Divas,’ which debuted in July.
- In 2014, Natalya began appearing regularly in WWE’s developmental brand NWA SAW, and reached the final of the tournament for the vacant NXT Women’s championship at the NXT Takeover special event in May, where she lost to Charlotte in a match that saw Natalya accompanied by her uncle Bret Hart and Charlotte accompanied by her father, 16-time world champion Ric Flair.
- She also began accompanying Tyson Kidd, now her husband in both storyline and real-life, to the ring, beginning an angle in which Kidd appeared increasingly uncaring towards his wife and determined to overshadow her accomplishments, and often used her as a human shield during his matches. The gimmick was carried over to main roster television later in the year, progressing into Kidd forming a tag team with Cesaro with Natalya as their manager. In June, Kidd suffered a severe spinal injury during a match, resulting in Natalya also being absent from television for several months.
- She married Theodore James Wilson, better known as Tyson Kidd, in June 2013; the pair met as children and had been dating since 2001
- Their relationship features prominently on "Total Divas"
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