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John Klinger

General Information
Real Name John Klinger
Weight and Height 238 lbs. (108 kg) at 5'11'' (1.80 m)
Birthplace Bitburg, Rheinland-Pfalz (Germany)
Date of Birth 14th May 1984 (age 37)
Debut 6th November 2004 (16 years ago)
 Picture 1/2: 2019 at GWF

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Promotions 2005: as Bad Bones @ ACW, FCW, GSW, IWA Switzerland, RoE, wXw
2006: as Bad Bones @ ACW, ASW, DWA, ESW, EWA, FCW, FSF, FWG, GSW, GWF, GWP, GWU, ICWA, IPW:UK, PWH, QoC, RWA, RoE, RoE CH, wXw & as Bad News Bones @ RoE & as John Kay @ CWN, PWA
2007: as Bad Bones @ 1PW, ASW, AWA, BCW, CWN, DWA, FSF, GSW, ICWA, IPW:UK, IwW, NFC, PBW, PWG, PWH, RDW, RoE, wXw & as John Kay @ CWN
2008: as Bad Bones @ ASW, CHIKARA, DWA, EPW, FWG, GSW, GWP, ICWA, IwW, MWA, NWA Pro, PWF, RDW, SWO, WWPW, XWA, wXw & as Bad Latino @ SWO, wXw & as John Kay @ CWN, PWF & as Super Makia @ wXw
2009: as Bad Bones @ 1PW, ACW, ASW, BCW, CWN, DWA, Dragon Gate, EPW, ESW, FWG, GHW, GSW, IW, MWA, NWE, SCW, wXw & as John Kay @ CWN, GSW
2010: as Bad Bones @ ACW, ASW, BCW, BCW, CWN, CZW, DPW, DWA, Dragon Gate, EPW, ESW, EW-Com, FCW, FWF, GHW, GSW, PBW, RNW, SSW, wXw & as John Kay @ CWN, GSW
2011: as Bad Bones @ 1PW, BCW, BJW, CZW, DPW, EWA, GHW, GSW, ICW, ICW, NOAH, NWA Force One, PBW, SWA, Secret Base, VDB Top Catch, wXw & as John Kay @ CWN, GSW, NWF
2012: as Bad Bones @ 2AW, BCW, BJW, CZW, DDT, DPW, EPW, EWA, GSW, GWF, GWP, ICW, NEW, PBW, wXw & as John Kay @ NFC
2013: as Bad Bones @ BCW, BJW, CZW, DWA, EPW, GHW, GSW, GWF, GWP, NEW, POW, SCW, wXw & as John Klinger @ GWF, NFC, wXw
2014: as Bad Bones @ BCW, BCW, BJW, CZW, DPW, EPW, GHW, IPW:UK, IW, POW, wXw & as John Klinger @ BJW, CZW, GHW, GSW, GWF, IPW:UK, MWA, NCW, NFC, POW, SWE, wXw
2015: as Bad Bones @ EPW, FHW, GHW, GSW, GWF, ICWA, IPW:UK, PWP, SWE & as John Klinger @ GHW, GSW, GWF, IPW:UK, PWS, SWE, wXw
2016: as Bad Bones @ ASCA, IW, PROGRESS, RSWP & as John Klinger @ GFW, IPW:UK, SWE, wXw
2017: as Bad Bones @ Defiant, EWP, GWF, IPWA, IW, SWE & as John Klinger @ PRO, SWE, wXw
2018: as Bad Bones @ 3CW, BCW, Beyond, DW, Defiant, EPW, EVOLVE, GHW, IPW:UK, IWA Mid-South, PRO, PROGRESS, Rockstar Pro, SWE, WK, wXw & as John Klinger @ CWE, CZW, DPW, Defiant, EWA, GHW, GWF, POW, SWE, WK, cOw, wXw
2019: as Bad Bones @ POW, PWC & as John Klinger @ CWE, Defiant, EPW, EWP, GHW, GWF, GWP, IPW Germany, MWA, NCW, NFC, OWG, POW, PRO, SWE, Unlimited, WK, cOw, wXw
2020: as John Klinger @ EPW, EWP, GWF, PRO, Unlimited, cOw
Countries 2005: as Bad Bones @ AUT, GER, NED, SUI
2006: as Bad Bones @ AUT, CMR, FRA, GBR, GER, NED, SUI & as Bad News Bones @ AUT & as John Kay @ GER
2007: as Bad Bones @ AUT, FRA, GBR, GER, IRL, NED, REU & as John Kay @ GER
2008: as Bad Bones @ FRA, GBR, GER, IRL, SUI & as Bad Latino @ GER & as John Kay @ GER & as Super Makia @ GER
2009: as Bad Bones @ FRA, GBR, GER, SUI & as John Kay @ GER
2010: as Bad Bones @ GBR, GER, USA & as John Kay @ GER
2011: as Bad Bones @ AUT, ESP, GBR, GER, ITA, JPN, NED, USA & as John Kay @ GER, NOR
2012: as Bad Bones @ AUT, DEN, GBR, GER, JPN & as John Kay @ GER
2013: as Bad Bones @ GER, JPN, SUI & as John Klinger @ GER
2014: as Bad Bones @ BEL, GBR, GER, NED & as John Klinger @ CZE, GBR, GER, SUI
2015: as Bad Bones @ FRA, GBR, GER, SUI & as John Klinger @ CZE, GBR, GER, NED, SUI
2016: as Bad Bones @ GBR, ITA, USA & as John Klinger @ GBR, GER, SUI
2017: as Bad Bones @ GBR, GER, ISR, USA & as John Klinger @ GBR, GER, SUI
2018: as Bad Bones @ CZE, GBR, GER, USA & as John Klinger @ DEN, GBR, GER, SUI, USA
2019: as Bad Bones @ GBR, GER & as John Klinger @ CZE, GBR, GER, SUI
2020: as John Klinger @ CZE, GER
Match Statistics In our database, there are 1.057 matches fought by John Klinger. 563 wins and 460 losses were the results of those matches. You can see the detailed match statistics of John Klinger here. 149 different wrestlers teamed with John Klinger. To see who, you can click here. 629 different wrestlers fought against John Klinger. To see who, you can click here. There, you may also view the favorite and the least favorite opponents of John Klinger. by The Team (2001-2021)    Multilanguage Version by Axel Saalbach (2008-2021)    This Page in German     Legal Disclosure    Privacy Policy