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The Undertaker

General Information
© David Seto
Real Name Mark William Calaway
Weight and Height 299 lbs. (136 kg) at 6'9'' (2.06 m)
Birthplace Houston, Texas (United States of America)
Date of Birth 24th March 1965 (age 58)
Debut 26th June 1987 (36 years ago)
 Picture 1/3: in 2008

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Alias Fake Kane, Kane the Undertaker, Mark Callous, Master of Pain, The Punisher, Texas Red, The Undertaker
Nicknames American Badass, Big Evil, Deadman, Don Corleone, Lord of Darkness, Mean Mark, Phenom
Familiy Ties The Undertaker is the cousin of Brian Lee, the husband of Michelle McCool and the ex husband of Sara.
Trainer Was trained by Buzz Sawyer.
Finisher Chokeslam, Elevated Power Bomb (Last Ride), Gogoplata (Hell's Gate) and Tombstone Piledriver
Trademark Moves Big Boot, Diving Clothesline, Fujiwara Armbar, Heart Punch, Ropewalk Chop (Old School), Running DDT, Running Tope (Air Deadman), Snake Eyes and Suicide Dive
Tag Teams Brothers of Destruction with Kane (as The Undertaker)
The Darkside with Fatu, Henry O. Godwinn and Savio Vega (as The Undertaker)
The Million $ Team with Greg Valentine, Honky Tonk Man and Ted DiBiase (as The Undertaker)
The Skyscrapers with Dan Spivey (as Mark Callous)
Unholy Alliance with Big Show (as The Undertaker)
Stables Corporate Ministry with Big Boss Man, Bradshaw, Faarooq, Ken Shamrock, Mideon, The Rock, Shane McMahon, Test, Triple H, Vince McMahon and Viscera (as The Undertaker)
Ministry of Darkness with Bradshaw, Christian, Edge, Faarooq, Gangrel, Mideon, Paul Bearer and Viscera (as The Undertaker)
Managed by Managed by Dutch Mantell, Paul E. Dangerously, Percy Pringle III. and Teddy Long (as "Mark Callous"). Managed by Ronnie P. Gossett (as "Master of Pain"). Managed by Skandar Akbar (as "The Punisher"). Managed by Brother Love, Paul Bearer and Sara (as "The Undertaker").
Tournament Wins
WWE Royal Rumble 2007 (28th January 2007)
Matches Fought
Statistics and information about the 2679 matches fought by The Undertaker in our events database
- He debuted on November 22,1990 (as The Undertaker) at the WWE (known as the WWF then) Survivor Series pay-per-view event
- Less than a year later, he won the WWF World Heavyweight Title by defeating Hulk Hogan
- From 1992-1994 he had multiple feuds with other superstars like Jake Roberts and Yokozuna
- In early 1992, he turned face after defending Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage from a steel chair that Jake Roberts was going to attack them with
- At Wrestlemania 8, The Undertaker defeated Roberts to go 2-0 at Wrestlemania having defeated Jimmy Snuka the previous year
- In 1994 The Undertaker fought Yokozuna in a casket match at the Royal Rumble event. Yokozuna won the match, after multiple heel superstars ran to the ring and assaulted The Undertaker. After the match, a promo appears of the Undertaker in the casket vowing his return before "floating" to the rafters after the casket "explodes" on screen.
- At the 1994 Summer Slam event The Undertaker returned, wearing a new attire (purple gloves and other accessories replacing the gray he previously wore), and fighting a Fake Undertaker. The Undertaker wins the match and goes on to fight Yokozuna in rematch in yet another casket match and wins
- He then feuds with King Kong Bundy and at Wrestlemania 11 defeats Bundy and continues his streak to 4-0 (defeating Giant González in 1993)
- Next the Undertaker begins a rivalry with Diesel and at Wrestlemania 12 defeats Diesel to go 5-0
- Then feuds with a new superstar Mankind. During most of the rivalry mankind gains the upper hand using heel tactics, and during a boiler room brawl match, The Undertakers manager, Paul Bearer turned on him and joined Mankind. The Undertaker then competed against Mankind in a buried alive match and won, but, after a unknown superstar intervened and assaulted him, Mankind buried the Undertaker even though he lost. The Undertaker returned at Survivor Series 1996 and defeated Mankind.
- At Wrestlemania 13, in the main event, The Undertaker defeated Sycho Sid to win the WWF championship
- At Badd Blood 1997, during the first ever Hell In a Cell match against Shawn Michaels, The Undertakers brother, Kane ,debuted and ripped the cell door off and attacked him with a Tombstone Piledriver (The Undertakers finishing move)
- At Wrestlemania 14 The Undertaker Defeated Kane and continues his undefeated streak to 7-0
- In late 1998 The Undertaker turned heel once again with Paul Bearer rejoining him as his manager, claiming they framed Kane and it was a part of their plan to take over the WWF, claiming his Ministry of Darkness would help him rule the WWF
- In 1999 The Undertaker brought the plan to fruition, debuting the Ministry and torturing the corporation and Mr. McMahon. He also wanted to rid the WWF of Stone Cold Steve Austin
- At Wrestlemania 15 he defeated Big Boss Man and continued his streak to 8-0
- Eventually it is revealed that Mr. McMahon and The Undertaker were working together to rid Austin of the WWF championship. The Undertakers then quietly disband the ministry and begins a tag team with The Big Show known as the Unholy Alliance. As a team they won the tag team championships but eventually lost them and also disbanding the team.
- The Undertaker then in Storyline quits the WWF (in reality he had multiple injuries that he need to heal up before wrestling again)
- In early 2000,He returned as a biker and attacked Mr. McMahon and the McMahon-Hemsley faction, thus turning face again
- At Wrestlemania 17 He defeated Triple H and extended his streak to 9-0 at Wrestlemania
- In late 2001, he turned heel again and attacks Jim Ross and at Wrestlemania 18 defeated Ric Flair to extend his streak to 10-0
- He wins the WWE championship from Hulk Hogan, then eventually loses it to The Rock
- He once again turns face and feuds with Brock Lesnar for the rest of 2002 and the year of 2003 losing every one on one match against Lesnar due to either interference, storyline injury or dirty tactics
- At Wrestlemania 19 he defeats the Big Show and A-Train and goes 11-0 at Wrestlemania
- At Survivor series 2003, during a buried alive match between him and Mr McMahon, Kane interferes and buries the Undertaker, thus losing the match
- At Wrestlemania 20, The Undertaker returns again as the Deadman gimmick but also with some of his biker gimmick characteristics (a hybrid of the two gimmicks), defeating Kane to go 12-0
- Then at Wrestlemania 21 he defeats Randy Orton to go 13-0
- From 2006 to 2008, he fought to claim the World Heavyweight Championship. At Wrestlemania 22, 23 and 24 (2006, 2007 and 2008) he defeats Mark Henry, Batista and then Edge, also winning the World Heavyweight Championship multiple times during these years.
- In 2009 Shawn Michaels challenged The Undertaker to end the streak. At Wrestlemania the Undertaker wins the match and extends his streak to 17-0. They have a rematch at next year’s Wrestlemania (26), where Michaels puts his career on the line. At Wrestlemania 26, The Undertaker wins again and ends Michaels career.
- At Wrestlemania 27 The Undertaker is challenged by Shawn Michaels' best friend Triple H (who The Undertaker defeated at Wrestlemania 17 previously) who is defeated again and The Undertaker extends his Streak to 19-0. After the match, he had to be helped to the back.
- In early 2012, he returned challenging Triple H this time. Triple H initially refuses but is eventually convinced to fight him. At Wrestlemania 28 The Undertaker finally gets his "vengeance" and extends his streak to 20-0
- In 2013, after the real life death of his old manager, Paul Bearer, he feuded with CM Punk. At Wrestlemania 29, The Undertaker defeated Punk to go 21-0
- In 2014, he fights Brock Lesnar in a match at Wrestlemania. After three F-5's Brock lesnar pinned and defeated The Undertaker, thus ending the streak at 21-1
- In 2015 he returned and fought Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania and won,to go 22-1, then beat Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 31, making him 23-1
- In 2017, at Wrestlemania 33 The Undertaker was defeated by Roman Reigns, sending his Wrestlemania status to 23-2, and retiring him in the process
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