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Brie García

General Information
© Megan Elice Meadows
Real Name Brianna Monique Danielson
Weight and Height 125 lbs. (57 kg) at 5'6'' (1.68 m)
Birthplace San Diego, California (United States of America)
Date of Birth 21st November 1983 (age 40)
Debut 15th September 2007 (16 years ago)

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Alias Brianna Monique Garcia-Colace, Bri Bella, Brie Bella, Brie García
Typical Error(s) Brianna Bella
Note: In the internet, it frequently happens that wrestler names are spelled wrong. Misspelled names are mentioned here, so the workers can be found by those users who memorised misspellings instead of the correct names, too.
Familiy Ties Brie García is the wife of Bryan Danielson, the stepdaughter of John Laurinaitis and the sister of Nikki García.
Trainer Was trained by Natalya, Tom Prichard and WWE Performance Center.
Finisher Sitdown Facebuster (Bella Buster)
Trademark Moves Missile Dropkick, Omoplata Crossface (Yes Lock), Running Forearm, Running Knee Strike and Single Leg Boston Crab
Tag Teams Bella Twins with Nicole Bella/Nikki Bella (as Bri Bella or rather Brie Bella)
Stables Team Bella with Alicia Fox and Nikki Bella (as Brie Bella)
Management Managed Carlito, Daniel Bryan and Primo.
Matches Fought
Statistics and information about the 570 matches fought by Brie García in our events database
Shows Commentated
1 show commentated by Brie García in our database
- Brianna Garcia-Colace was born in San Diego, California, sixteen minutes apart from her twin sister Nicole. The twins were raised in Scottsdale, Arizona and were accomplished soccer players in high school and college, before breaking into the world of modelling in their early 20s.
- After unsuccessfully auditioning for
WWE’s Diva Search in 2006, the twins were signed to developmental contracts by the company in June 2007, training at the Florida Championship Wrestling territory, where they made their wrestling debuts later in the year under the names Bri Bella and Nicole Bella.
- Brianna debuted on the main roster in August 2008, with the spelling of her ring name altered to Brie Bella. Her early matches saw her disappear under the ring mid-match, only to emerge rejuvenated and pull off a victory. She was later discovered to be switching places with twin sister Nicole (now known as Nikki). The switch spot became a frequent fixture of the Bella’s matches in their first WWE run, and was dubbed ’Twin Magic.’
- The Bellas became popular choices for various WWE media appearances, and were often seen by side side of Monday Night Raw’s various celebrity guest hosts in 2009 and 2010.
-In April 2011, Brie became the first of the twins to hold a title when she defeated Eve Torres to become Divas champion, holding the belt for two months.
-The twins parted company with WWE via mutual consent in April 2012, but re-signed in March the following year. Upon their return, Brie and Nikki were announced as cast members for WWE and the E! network’s new reality show ’Total Divas,’ which documented their real-life romantic relationships with WWE stars Daniel Bryan and John Cena respectively. The show premiered in July 2013.
-In late 2013, Brie’s engagement to Daniel Bryan was acknowledged as part of WWE kayfabe for the first time. Following Bryan’s legitimate injury in April 2014, Stephanie McMahon threatened to fire Brie if Bryan did not vacate the WWE World Heavyweight Title, but Brie instead announced she was quitting and slapped McMahon in the face.
-When McMahon returned the favour upon seeing Brie in the audience at Monday Night Raw, Brie threatened legal action unless McMahon re-hired her and agreed to face her in a match at Summerslam in August. McMahon won the match when Nikki turned heel by attacking Brie, commencing a feud between the twins.
-The Bellas faced off at Hell in a Cell, where Nikki was victorious and Brie became her personal assistant for 30 days per the pre-agreed stipulation. Brie remained voluntarily aligned with her sister following this period, turning heel by helping Nikki win the Divas title from AJ Lee at Survivor Series when she unexpectedly kissed AJ, in a call-back to the fateful kiss AJ delivered to Bryan prior to his World Heavyweight title loss at Wrestlemania 28 two years earlier. Brie’s interference tactics helped Nikki hold onto the title for a record 301 days, during which time Team Bella gained a third member in the shape of Alicia Fox in June 2015.
-She married Bryan Danielson, better known as Daniel Bryan, on April 11 2014.
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