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Christopher Daniels

General Information
Real Name Daniel Christopher Covell
Weight and Height 232 lbs. (105 kg) at 5'10'' (1.78 m)
Birthplace Fayetteville, North Carolina (United States of America)
Date of Birth 24th March 1970 (age 53)
Debut 1993

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Alias Christopher Daniels, Conquistador #2, Curry Man, Daniels, Suicide, Syndrome
Nicknames The Fallen Angel, King of Spice
Trainer Was trained by Dory Funk Jr., Kevin Quinn and Mike Anthony.
Students Trained B-Boy, Brandon Bishop, Cheerleader Melissa, Ivan Manson, Terry Allen and Vic Capri.
Finisher Flipping Release Belly to Back Suplex (Suicide Solution), Inverted Death Valley Driver (Spicy Drop), Northern Lights Suplex, Spinning Reverse DDT (Last Rites) and Spinning Sitdown Double Underhook Facebuster (Angel's Wings)
Trademark Moves Blue Thunder Driver, Death Valley Driver, Diving Crossbody (Hi-C), Double Knee Gutbuster, Dropkick, Enzuigiri, Exploder, Gannosuke Clutch (Curry Cradle), Iconoclasm (Fall from Grace), Inverted Frankensteiner, Koji Clutch, Monkey Flip, Moonsault (Best Moonsault Ever), Reverse STO, Running Knee Strike, Running Lariat (Domo Lariato), Sidewalk Slam, Slingshot Back Elbow, Slingshot Suplex, Snapmare Driver, Split-Legged Moonsault, Springboard Back Elbow, Springboard Moonsault, Springboard Plancha and STO
Tag Teams The Addiction with Frankie Kazarian (as Christopher Daniels)
Bad Influence [3] with Frankie Kazarian/Kazarian (as Christopher Daniels)
Los Conquistadores [3] with Conquistador #1 (as Conquistador #2)
International Males with Kevin Quinn (as Christopher Daniels)
Overkill with Kevin Quinn (as Christopher Daniels)
Stables E.G.O. with Bobby Roode and Kazarian (as Christopher Daniels)
Fortune with AJ Styles, James Storm, Kazarian and Robert Roode (as Daniels)
House of Truth with Chase Owens, Christin Able, Eddie Venom, Josh Raymond, Michael Elgin, N8 Mattson, Roderick Strong, Truth Martini, Whiplash and Zach Gowen (as Christopher Daniels)
Knights of the Rising Dawn with Chris Sabin and Frankie Kazarian (as Christopher Daniels)
La Legión Extranjera with Alex Koslov, Ayako Hamada, Black Bufalo, Black Magic, Bryan Danielson, Cuervo, Dorian Roldan, Electroshock, Escoria, Espíritu, Gran Hamada, Head Hunter A, Head Hunter B, Hernandez, Jack Evans, Jennifer Blake, Josh Raymond, Kaoru Ito, Kenzo Suzuki, Konnan, L.A. Par-K, Lorelei Lee, El Mesías, Mike Modest, Nate Webb, Nicho el Millonario, Ozz, El Padrino, Rain, Rellik, Rikishi, Rocky Romero, Ron Killings, Roxxi, Sabu, Sean Waltman, Silver King, Taiji Ishimori, Takeshi Morishima, Teddy Hart and El Zorro (as Christopher Daniels)
Prince Justice Brotherhood with Shark Boy and Super Eric (as Curry Man)
Prophecy with Allison Danger, BJ Whitmer, Dan Maff, Donovan Morgan, Mark Briscoe, Simply Luscious and Xavier (as Christopher Daniels)
So-Cal Uncensored with Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky and Shane Taylor (as Christopher Daniels)
Sports Entertainment Xtreme with AJ Styles, Ashley Hudson, BG James, Brian Lawler, Cassidy O'Reilly, Chase Stevens, Chris Sabin, David Flair, David Young, Desire, Disgraceland, Don Harris, Elix Skipper, Erik Watts, Glenn Gilbertti, Holly Wood, Low-Ki, Mike Barton, Mike Sanders, Nikita Koloff, Raven, Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Ron Harris, Sonny Siaki, Tony Schiavone and Vince Russo (as Christopher Daniels)
Super Curry Max with CIMA, Sumo Dandy Fuji, Súper Boy and SUWA (as Curry Man)
Team TNA 2008 with Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Kaz (as Curry Man)
Team USA/TNA/NWA 2004 with Chris Sabin, Elix Skipper, Jerry Lynn and Sonjay Dutt (as Christopher Daniels)
Triple X with Elix Skipper and Low-Ki (as Christopher Daniels)
Managed by Managed by Angelica (as "Christopher Daniels"). Managed by Dean Ayass (as "Curry Man").
Tournament Wins
ECWA Super 8 Tournament 2000 (26th February 2000)
APW King Of Indies 2000 (30th December 2000)
PWF Legacy Cup 2002 (15th September 2002)
ROH Tag Team Titles Tournament (21st September 2002)
NWA World Tag Team Titles Tournament (12th March 2003)
ECWA Super 8 Tournament 2004 (3rd April 2004)
NWA-TNA World X Cup 2004 (19th May 2004)
GSW Battlefield 2008 (19th January 2008)
ICW Impact Cup 2010 (22nd October 2010)
ROH Decade of Excellence Tournament 2017 (14th January 2017)
Bar Wrestling Trios Tournament 2019 (21st February 2019)
Matches Fought
Statistics and information about the 1809 matches fought by Christopher Daniels in our events database
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Shows Commentated
1 show commentated by Christopher Daniels in our database
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