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Encounters of Wrestlers

In this section you can see statistics and match listings of selected wrestlers, who fought in the same match, either as partners or opponents. You can combine two, three or four out of 35.788 wrestlers. Please note that you can only combine wrestlers who fought with or against each other.
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Match Types

Combined statistics
Match listing
Statistics as a team
The "combined statistics" and the "match listing" show information about the selected wrestlers regardless of whether they teamed or fought against eachother. Here, you can see details about the encounters of the selected wrestlers when they worked as a team.

Statistics and more as a team
Sum 306-39

Championships held as a team
There are no championships in our database which were held by the 2 selected wrestlers as a team.

Matches fought as a team
1NJPW Circuit 2008 - New Japan Soul - Novello Sparks - Day 6
21. Juli 2008 @ Tsukisamu Alphacourt Dome in Sapporo, Hokkaido (Japan)
Tiger Mask #4, Taichi Ishikari and Nobuo Yoshihashi defeated Yujiro, Tetsuya Naito and Kazuchika Okada
2NJPW Circuit 2008 - New Japan Generation - Day 4
8. September 2008 @ Zepp Sendai in Sendai, Miyagi (Japan)
Low-Ki, Gedo and Jado defeated Tiger Mask #4, Jushin Thunder Liger and Nobuo Yoshihashi
3NJPW New Japan Alive - NJPW & RISE vs. GBH Matsuyama Deadlock!
28. November 2008 @ City General Community Center in Matsuyama, Ehime (Japan)
Jushin Thunder Liger and AKIRA defeated Tiger Mask #4 and Nobuo Yoshihashi
4NJPW Live 2 Days - 2 Night's the Night - Day 1
22. Juli 2009 @ Local Industry Promotion Center in Asahikawa, Hokkaido (Japan)
Jushin Thunder Liger and AKIRA defeated Tiger Mask #4 and Nobuo Yoshihashi
5NJPW Circuit 2009 Truth - G1 Tag League - Day 1
17. Oktober 2009 @ Satte Sakura Hall in Asukaru, Saitama (Japan)
Tiger Mask #4 and Nobuo Yoshihashi defeated Koji Kanemoto and Taichi
6NJPW Circuit 2009 Truth - G1 Tag League - Day 2
18. Oktober 2009 @ Citizen Gymnasium in Tatebayashi, Gunma (Japan)
Koji Kanemoto, AKIRA and Taichi defeated Tiger Mask #4, Mitsuhide Hirasawa and Nobuo Yoshihashi
7NJPW Circuit 2009 Truth - G1 Tag League - Day 3
21. Oktober 2009 @ Techno Dome in Takaoka, Toyama (Japan)
Super Strong Machine and Mitsuhide Hirasawa defeated Tiger Mask #4 and Nobuo Yoshihashi
8NJPW New Japan Live in Ushiku
20. Dezember 2009 @ Exercise Park Gymnasium in Ushiku, Ibaraki (Japan)
Jado and Gedo defeated Tiger Mask #4 and Nobuo Yoshihashi
9NJPW Circuit 2010 - New Japan Brave - Day 11
1. Mai 2010 @ Exhibition Hall in Kumamoto, Kumamoto (Japan)
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