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Wrestling and MMA Promotions

Currently, there are 1.791 wrestling and MMA promotions in our database. To select one of them, you can use the search form or the lists and pull-down menus.


Wrestlers used by the Promotion
The rosters of individual promotions are calculated based on their events in the database. Listed are only those 37.142 wrestlers who are unlocked by us for this section. Select a starting date and an end date, to have the database list only wrestlers that worked for the promotion within that time frame. The wrestlers can be sorted by name or by amount of matches. Statistics based on the results can be found here.
Starting Year
Starting Month
End Year
End Month

Wrestlers who worked Matches within the Time Frame
2 Damn Badd, 911, Abdullah the Butcher, Abdul Pasha, Abe Coleman, Abe Goldberg, Abe Jacobs, Abe Kaplan, Abe Stein, Abe Yourist, Abe Zvonkin, Ace Darling, Ace Freeman, Action Jackson, Ada Ash, Adela Antone, Adrian Adonis, Adrian Byrd, Adrian Street, Ahmed Johnson, Air Paris, AJ Styles, Akio Sato, Akio Yoshihara, AKIRA, Akira Hokuto, Akitoshi Saito, Alan Eustace, Alan Garfield, Alan Kinsey, Alan West, Alberto Torres, Al Billings, Al Clifton, Al Costello, Aldo Bogni, Alex G, Alexis Smirnoff, Alex Medina, Alex Pérez, Alex Porteau, Alex Wright, Alf Johnson, Al Galento, Al Getz, Al Green, Al Greene, Ali Adali, Ali Baba, Ali Baba, Ali Bey, Ali Pasha, Al Kashey, Allan Nixon, Allan Walker, Allen Martin, Al Massey, Al Maynard, Al Mills, Al Navarro, Al Pérez, Al Phillips, Al Smith, Al Snow, Al Sparks, Al Stecher, Amazing Zuma, Ambrose Rascher, American Wild Child, Amos Moses, Andre Drapp, André the Giant, Andre Vadnais, Andrew Bellamy, Andy Anderson, Andy Meixner, Angel of Death, Angelo Gómez, Angelo Martinelli, Angelo Mosca, Angelo Mosca Jr., Angelo Poffo, Angelo Savoldi, Angie Minelli, Animal Hamaguchi, Ann Casey, Ann Laverne, Ann Miller, Ann Regan, Ann Stanley, Anthony McMurphy, Antone Leone, Antonio Inoki, Arashi, Archie Gouldie, Argentina Rocca, Arlene Ratcliff, Armand Hussein, Arn Anderson, Arnold Skaaland, Art Barr, Art Crews, Art Flores, Arthur LeGrand, Art Neilson, Ashley Hudson, Asya, Atsushi Onita, Austin Idol, Austin Steele, Ava Seedorff, Awesome Kong, Ax, Axl Rotten, Babe Sharkey, Babe Zaharias, Babs Wingo, Baby Cheryl, Baby Doll, Back Stabber, Bad Boy Brown, Bad News Brown, Bam Bam Bigelow, Bam Bam Nealy, Bambi, Barbara Baker, Barbara Galento, Barbara Owens, The Barbarian, Barbi Doll, Baron Gattoni, Baron Michele Leone, Baron Mikel Scicluna, Baron Von Raschke, Barry Collie, Barry Darsow, Barry Hardy, Barry Horowitz, Barry Houston, Barry Orton, Barry Windham, Bart Batten, Barto Hill, Bart Sawyer, Basher, Bates Ford, B. Brian Blair, Bearcat Brown, Bearcat Wright, The Beast, The Beast, Beau Brummell, Beauregard, Belle Drummond, Belle Starr, Ben Alexander, Ben Jordan, Ben Morgan, Benny Burke, Benny Ginsberg, Benny Matta, Benny Trailer, Ben Patrick, Betty Ann Spencer, Betty Boucher, Betty Clarke, Betty Evans, Betty García, Betty Jo Hawkins, Betty White, Beverly Lehmer, Bibber McCoy, Biff Wellington, Big Boss Man, Big Boy Cronin, Big Boy Williams, Big Bully Busick, Big Daddy Hammer, Big John Studd, Big Mac, Big Show, Bill Ash, Bill Bartush, Bill Bowman, Bill Canny, Bill Cazzell, Bill Cody, Bill Cody, Bill Cole, Bill Collins, Bill DeMott, Bill Dromo, Bill Dundee, Bill Dusin, Bill Ford, Bill Howard, Bill Irwin, Bill Kazmaier, Bill Longson, Bill Melby, Bill Middlekauff, Bill Mulkey, Bill Parks, Bill Steddum, Bill Watts, Bill Weaver, Bill White, Bill Wright, Billy, Billy Anderson, Billy Berger, Billy Colt, Billy Darnell, Billy Evans, Billy Garrett, Billy Graham, Billy Hines, Billy Jack Haynes, Billy Kidman, Billy McDaniels, Billy Red Lyons, Billy Robinson, Billy Spears, Billy Starr, Billy the Kid, Billy Two Eagles, Billy Two Rivers, Billy Venable, Black Bart, Black Cat, Blackhart, Black Jack Dillon, Blackjack Mulligan, Blackjack Slade, Blitzkrieg, Blue Scorpion, Blue Sun Jennings, Bob Armstrong, Bob Backlund, Bob Bradley, Bob Brown, Bob Brown, Bob Bruggers, Bob Burns, Bobby Baker, Bobby Bass, Bobby Becker, Bobby Blaze, Bobby Bold Eagle, Bobby Bruns, Bobby Christy, Bobby Duncum, Bobby Duncum Jr., Bobby Eaton, Bobby Ford, Bobby Fulton, Bobby Graham, Bobby Hart, Bobby Jaggers, Bobby Kay, Bobby Nelson, Bobby Nichols, Bobby Roberts, Bobby Shane, Bobby Walker, Bobby Whitlock, Bob Clay, Bob Cook, Bob Corby, Bob Dean, Bob DeMarce, Bob Eisenburg, Bob Emory, Bob Geigel, Bob Griffin, Bob Hamby, Bob Hayes, Bob Jessen, Bob Kappel, Bob Keith, Bob Langevin, Bob Marcus, Bob McDonald, Bob Morgan, Bob Morrow, Bob Morse, Bobo Brazil, Bobo Brazil Jr., Bobo Johnson, Bob Orton, Bob Orton Jr., Bob Owens, Bob Roop, Bob Shipp, Bob Starr, Bob Taylor, Bob Wagner, Bob Wallace, Bob Wayne, Bob White, Bonita White Cloud, Bonita White Dove, Bonnie Watson, Booker T, Boomer H. Lynch, Boris Malenko, Boris Zhukov, Bozo Burleson, Brad Anderson, Brad Armstrong, Brad Batten, Braden Walker, Brad Rheingans, Brady Boone, Brandi Alexander, El Brassero, Brenda Reed, Brenda Scott, Bret Hart, Brett Sawyer, Brezner, Brian Adams, Brian Adias, Brian Costello, Brian Jewel, Brian Knobbs, Brian Lee, Brian Mackney, Brian Pillman, Brian Walsh, Brickhouse Brown, Brodie Chase, Bronco Valdez, Bronko Lubich, Bronko Nagurski, Bruce Noland, Bruce Swayze, Bruiser Bedlam, Bruiser Brody, Brute Bernard, Brutus Beefcake, Bryan Emmett Clark, Bryan St. John, Bryant Anderson, Bubba Douglas, Bubba the Love Sponge, Buchanan, Buck Forrest, Buck Olson, Buck Quartermain, Buck Ramstead, Buck Robley, Buck Weaver, Bucky Siegler, Buck Zumhofe, Bud Curtis, Buddha Khan, Buddy Colt, Buddy Diamond, Buddy Fuller, Buddy Gilbert, Buddy Jackson, Buddy Knox, Buddy Landel, Buddy Lee, Buddy Porter, Buddy Roberts, Buddy Rogers, Buddy Rose, Buddy Rose, Buddy Rosen, Buddy Valentine, Buddy Wayne, Buddy Wolff, Bud Richardson, Buff Bagwell, Bugsy McGraw, Bull Curley, Bull Curry, Bulldog Raines, Bull Martin, Bull Nakano, Bull Pain, Bull Ramos, Bullwhip Johnson, Burrhead Jones, Butch Cassidy, Butcher Brannigan, Butcher Vachon, Butch Long, Butch Malone, Butch Miller, Butch Reed, Buzz Sawyer, Buzz Tyler, Canadian Wildman, Candy Malloy, Cannonball Grizzly, Cardiff Giant, Carl Engstrom, Carl Fergie, Carlos Colón, Carlos Mendoza, Carlos Rodríguez, Carl Schultz, Carl Styles, Carol Cook, Casey Berger, Casey Thompson, Cassidy O'Reilly, Catherine Simpson, Cathy Branch, Cecilia Blevins, Cecil McGill, Chad Brock, Chad Byrd, Chad Floyd, Chad Fortune, Chad Hart, Chance McQuade, Chance Meyers, Charles Olson, Charles Robinson, Charley Allen, Charley Keene, Charlie Carr, Charlie Cook, Charlie Fulton, Charlie Harben, Charlie Laye, Charlie Norris, Charlie Webb, Charro Aztec, Chase Tatum, Chavo Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Chester Hayes, Chi Chi, Chick Donovan, Chick Garibaldi, Chico Cortez, Chico Fernández, Chico Santana, Chief Big Heart, Chief Cherokee, Chief Chewacki, Chief Jay Strongbow, Chief John Wareing, Chief Kit Fox, Chief Little Eagle, Chief Little Wolf, Chief Lone Eagle, Chief Lone Eagle, Chief Saunooke, Chief Thunderbird, Chief War Eagle, Chief White Cloud, Chigusa Nagayo, China Mira, Chin Lee, Chip Minton, Chris Adams, Chris Averoff, Chris Belkas, Chris Benoit, Chris Candido, Chris Cannon, Chris Champion, Chris Colt, Chris Hahn, Chris Hamrick, Chris Hayes, Chris Jericho, Chris Kanyon, Chris Krueger, Chris Markoff, Chris Michaels, Chris Nelson, Chris Sullivan, Chris Taylor, Chris Tolos, Christopher Daniels, Chris Walker, Chris Youngblood, Chris Zaharias, Chuck Benson, Chuck Coates, Chuck Conley, Chuck Palumbo, Chuck Richards, Ciclón Negro, CIMA, Cindy Majors, Clara Mortensen, Claude Giroux, Cliff Anderson, Cliff Olson, Clyde Steeves, Cocoa Samoa, Coconut Willie, Cody Hawk, Cody Wade, Colin Orsack, Colt Steel, Con Bruno, Conchita Pons, Concrete Cowboy, Constantino Kostorias, Cookie Crumbles, Cora Combs, Corrine Cordero, Corsica Jean, Cougar Jay, Cousin Luke, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Cowboy Bradley, Cowboy Carlson, Cowboy Lang, Cowboy Luttrall, Cowboy Malott , Cowboy Sam Thomas, The Crusher, Crusher Verdu, Curt Hennig, Curtis Iaukea, Curtis Smith, Cutie Suzuki, CW Bergstrom, Cyclone Anaya, Cyclone Copley, Cy Jernigan, Cy Williams, Czaya Bob Nandor, Daffney, Daisy Mae, Dale Lewis, Dale Mann, Dale Torborg, Damián 666, Damien, Damien Demento, Dan Burdick, Dan Childers, El Dandy, Dandy Andy Moore, Dan Garza, Dan Grundy, Dan Hogan, Dan Miller, Danno O'Mahoney, Danny Bonaduce, Danny Davis, Danny Devine, Danny Dusek, Danny Fargo, Danny Ferrazzo, Danny McShain, Danny O’Shocker, Dan O'Connor, Dan Spivey, Dark Journey, Darling Dagmar, Dave Burkhead, Dave Cox, Dave Dalton, Dave Deaton, Dave Diamond, Dave Finlay, Dave Hart, Dave Kochen, Dave Levin, Dave Power, Dave Sullivan, Dave Taylor, Davey Boy Smith, Davey Gee, Davey O'Hannon, Davey Rich, David Arquette, David Crockett, David Dellinger, David Flair, David Isley, David Jons, David Sammartino, David Schultz, David Stoudemire, David Von Erich, David Young, Dean Malenko, Dean Power, Death Row 3260, Debbie Combs, Debbie Johnson, Debbie the Killer Tomato, Dee Dee Venturi, Deke Rivers, Denis Goulet, Dennis Allen, Dennis Condrey, Dennis Hall, Dennis Rodman, Dennis Stamp, Denny Alberts, Denny Brown, Denny Kass, Derek Dukes, Derrell Cochran, Desiree Petersen, Despina Montagas, The Destroyer, Devon Storm, Devoy Brunson, Dewey Robertson, Diamond Dallas Page, Diamond Lil, Diana Lynn, Diane von Hoffman, Dick Dunn, Dick Hutton, Dick Lever, Dick Murdoch, Dick Powell, Dick Shannon, Dick Slater, Dick Steinborn, Dick the Bruiser, Dinah Beamon, Dino Bravo, Dino Casanova, Dino Hernández, Dirty White Boy, Disgraceland, Dixie Jordan, DJ Peterson, Dobie Osborn, Doc Dean, Doc Gallagher, Dolly Dalton, Dominic DeNucci, Dominic Muscatello, Dom Papaleo, Donald Lortie, Don Arnold, Don Blackman, Don Carson, Don Chuy, Don Curtis, Don Eagle, Don Fargo, Don Fujii, Don Gilbert, Don Greene, Don Harris, Don Herbert, Don Juan, Don Kent, Don Kernodle, Don Kolov, Don Lee, Don Martin, Don McClarity, Don McIntyre, Don Moore, Don Muraco, Donna Christianello, Donna Marie Dieckman, Donn Lewin, Don Noland, Donovan Morgan, Don Serrano, Don Taylor, Don Wright, Doran O'Hara, Dorothy Carter, Dory Funk, Dory Funk Jr., Dot Dotson, Dottie Downs, Doug Dawkins, Doug Furnas, Doug Gibson, Doug Gilbert, Doug Gilbert, Doug Kinslow, Doug McColl, Doug Somers, Doug Stahl, Doug Vines, Doug Wyckoff, Dragon Kid, Drake Dexton, Drew McDonald, Drew Tossel, Drill Instructor Bob Carter, Duke Hoffman, Duke Keomuka, Duke Miller, Duke Savage, Dustin Rhodes, Dusty Rhodes, Dusty Wolfe, Dutch Hefner, Dutch Mantell, Dutch Wyman, Dwayne Bruce, Dynamite Kansai, Earl Wampler, Earthquake Ferris, Eddie Auger, Eddie Cook, Eddie Davie, Eddie Gilbert, Eddie Graham, Eddie Guerrero, Eddie Jackie, Eddie King, Eddie Mansfield, Eddie Paquette, Eddie Pope, Eddie Roberts, Eddie Sweat, Eddie Virág, Ed Don George, Ed Ferrara, Ed Fury, Ed Gantner, Ed Gardenia, Edge, Ed Lewis, Ed Malone, Ed Moretti, Eduardo Castillo, Eduardo Pérez, Ed White, Ed Wiskoski, Elaine Ellis, Eli Fischer, Elix Skipper, Ella Waldek, Ellen Olsen, Ellis Bashara, Elmer Guthrie, Elmer Snodgrass, Elvira Snodgrass, Emil Dusek, Emile Dupre, Emir Badui, Emma Wright und Enforcer Luciano
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