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Wrestling and MMA Promotions

Currently, there are 1.838 wrestling and MMA promotions in our database. To select one of them, you can use the search form or the lists and pull-down menus.


Wrestlers used by the Promotion
The rosters of individual promotions are calculated based on their events in the database. Listed are only those 37.382 wrestlers who are unlocked by us for this section. Select a starting date and an end date, to have the database list only wrestlers that worked for the promotion within that time frame. The wrestlers can be sorted by name or by amount of matches. Statistics based on the results can be found here.
Starting Year
Starting Month
End Year
End Month

Wrestlers who worked Matches within the Time Frame
Ace Angel, Ace Austin, ACH, AJ Gray, Alex Daniels, Alexia Nicole, Alex Reynolds, Alex York, Aliyah, Allie Kat, Allysin Kay, Andrew Davis, Anthony Darko, Anthony Fiasco, Anthony Kingdom James, Anton Alexiev, Ashley Sixx, August Grey, Austin Theory, Bear Boulder, Bear Bronson, Beautiful Beaa, BJ Whitmer, The Blade, Brandon Watts, Brent B, Brett Michael David, Brian Cage, Brian Myers, Bruno Davis, Buxx Belmar, Caleb Konley, Carlito, Carter Mason, Cecil Nyx, Cedric Alexander, Channing Decker, Chase Parker, Cheech, Cheeseburger, Chris Dickinson, Chris Logan, Chris Sabin, Christopher Bishop, Clayton Gainz, Clay Wilson, Cloudy, Cody Rhodes, Colin Delaney, Colt Cabana, Curt Stallion, Danhausen, Daniel C. Rockingham, Danny Adams, Danny Magnum, Danny Orlando, Dan Paysan, Darby Allin, Darin Dinero, Darryl Sharma, Dave Crist, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Davey Vega, David Arquette, David Starr, Derek Wylde, Dick Justice, D'Lo Brown, Dominic Garrini, Dylan Daniels, Eddie Kingston, Eddie Osbourne, Eddy Only, EFFY, Eric Cairnie, Eric Ryan, Eric Young, Ethan Page, Ethan Price, EZE, Faye Jackson, Felicity, Flip Kendrick, Frankie Flynn, Gabriel Fuerza, Gangrel, Gavin Quinn, Gisele Shaw, Grado, Gregory Iron, El Gringo Loco, Hellcat, Hernandez, Holden Albright, Homicide, Idris Abraham, Isaiah Scott, Isaias Velázquez, Jade Chung, Jake Crist, James Stone, Jason Cade, Jeff Cobb, Jennifer Blake, Jesse Amato, Jesse Bieber, Jessie V, Jim Duggan, Jimmy Jacobs, Jimmy King, Jim Nye, J. Miller, Joaquin Wilde, Jody Fleisch, Jody Threat, Joey Janela, Joey Kings, Joey Ryan, John Greed, John Morrison, Johnny Davis Jr., Johnny Gargano, Johnny Wave, John Silver, Jonathan Huber, Jonny Mangue, Jordynne Grace, Joseph Park, Josh Alexander, Josh Briggs, Josh Prohibition, Josh Rogen, Joshua Singh, JT Kirk, Justin Graves, Justin Sane, Karrion Kross, KC Spinelli, Keith Lee, The Kenway, Kerry Awful, Kevin Lee Davidson, Kevin Owens, Kikutaro, Kirk Warmack, KOBE Durst, Kody Lane, Kyle O'Reilly, Kylie Rae, Lionel Knight, Logan James, Logan Savage, Louis Lyndon, LuFisto, Luis Aveiro, Luke Williams, Malcolm Bivens, Marc Hauss, Marino Tenaglia, Marion Fontaine, Mark Shaw, Mark Wheeler, Mat Fitchett, Mathieu St-Jacques, Matt Cross, Matthew Grant, Matt Knicks, Matt Martel, Michael Elgin, Michael Von Payton, Michael Wolf, Mike Bailey, Mike Rollins, Mikey Webb, MJF, Moondog Buddy, Moose, Mr. Saki, MsChif, Myron Reed, Nash Carter, Nasty Russ, Nick Brubaker, Nick Iggy, Nunzio, One Called Manders, Oney Lorcan, Ophidian, Orange Cassidy, Ortiz, Paco González, Pat Buck, Pat Monix, Paul London, PB Smooth, PCO, PD Flexx, Penelope Ford, Petey Williams, Philly Collins, Player Uno, Preston Myles, Primo Scordino, The Proletariat Boar of Moldova, Puf, Punisher Van Slyke, Rahim Ali, RD Evans, RECKONING, Rex Atkins, Rex Lawless, Rhett Titus, Rhino, Rhys Greenaway, Rich Swann, Rickey Shane Page, Ricky Starks, Ricky Willdy, Ricochet, Riddle, Rip Impact, RJ City, Robbie Reckless, Robere' Shields, Rob Matter, Rohit Raju, Ruby Riott, Ryan Davidson, Sami Callihan, Santana, Scott Steiner, Scotty O'Shea, Sebastian Suave, Seleziya Sparx, Shane Douglas, Shane Sabre, Shawn Morgan, Silas Young, Simon Gotch, Sonjay Dutt, Space Monkey, Steve Brown, Stevie Fierce, Stratos Fear, Stu Grayson, Su Yung, Swoggle, TaDarius Thomas, TARIK, T-BAR, Thomas Dubois, Timothy Krane, TJP, T-Money, Tommy Dreamer, Tracy Williams, Trent, Trent Gibson, Trent Seven, Trey, Tyler Aero, Tyler Colton, Tyler Hill, Tyler Thomas, Tyler Tirva, Tyson Dux, Vaughn Vertigo, Veda Scott, VSK, Warhorse, Wes Lee, Willie Mack, Will White und Wolfgang

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