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Wrestling and MMA Promotions

Currently, there are 1.965 wrestling and MMA promotions in our database. To select one of them, you can use the search form or the lists and pull-down menus.


Wrestlers used by the Promotion
The rosters of individual promotions are calculated based on their events in the database. Listed are only those 38.781 wrestlers who are unlocked by us for this section. Select a starting date and an end date, to have the database list only wrestlers that worked for the promotion within that time frame. The wrestlers can be sorted by name or by amount of matches. Statistics based on the results can be found here.
Starting Year
Starting Month
End Year
End Month

Wrestlers who worked Matches within the Time Frame
Adam Brooks, Ahmed Iblis, Alan Payne, Alberto Bravo, Alexi Papadopoulos, Alex Kingston, Ali, Allyson Cruz, Amity Row, Andy Phoenix, Aria, Atlas Whittaker, Australian Suicide, Avary, Bad Luck Fale, Bee Boy, Ben Coles, Ben Factor, Bianka, Big Mike, Billy Suede, Blair Alexis, Blair Davenport, Bluey Bonza, Brad Smyth, Brady Pierce, Brodie Marshall, Buddy Matthews, Carlo Cannon, Cassie Lee, Caveman Ugg, Chanel Phoenix, Charli Evans, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Chris Trance, Chris Vice, Cletus Blood, Concrete Davidson, Cooper Wyle, Craig Cole, Cremator, Dahlia Black, Dakota Kai, Damian Slater, Dan Head, Danny Psycho, Davey Green, Davis Storm, Dean Valente, Dowie James, Duke Hudson, D-Volt, The Enforcer, Erika Reid, Esteban Molina, FOX, FuZion, Gavin McGavin, GD Grimm, Gino Gambino, The Hammer, Hardcore Holly, Harley Wonderland, Hartley Jackson, Havok, Hayden Zenith, Indi Hartwell, Izzy Shaw, Jack Bonza, Jack Jameson, Jacko Lantern, Jake Andrewartha, Jake Lindo, James Shaw, Jax Jordan, Jay Andrews, Jessica Troy, Jett Armstrong, Jett Rouka, Jimmy Havoc, JK Moody, Joanie May, Joel Bateman, JONAH, Josh Shooter, JXT, Kaz Jordan, Kazuchika Okada, Kellie Skater, Kellyanne, Kenny Kyd, Krackerjak, Kyle Fletcher, Link Barnett, Lochy Hendricks, Mad Dog McCrea, Madison Eagles, Marcius Pitt, Marcus Kool, Mark Davis, Marty Scurll, Mat Diamond, Matt Cross, Miami, Michael Richards, Mickey Jackson, Mick Moretti, Mike Burr, Mike Massive, Mike Petersen, Mikey Broderick, Mikey Nicholls, Mimic, Mortar, Nate Dooley, Nick Armstrong, Nick Bury, Paul London, Pete Dunne, Rat Daddy, Rhea Ripley, Ricky Diamond, Ritchie Taylor, Robbie Eagles, Robby Heart, Rocky Menero, RUFIO, Ryan Eagles, Ryan O'Hare, Sara Jay, Savannah Summers, Scott Slayer, Sean Kustom, Sean O'Shea, Shane Haste, Shazza McKenzie, Siren Monroe, Slade Mercer, Slex, Sonjay Dutt, Stevie Filip, Sway, Syd Parker, Tama Williams, Tarlee, Taylah Rose, Taylor Adams, Tenille Dashwood, Tessa Blanchard, Tetsuya Naito, TK Cooper, TNT, Tome Filip, Tommy Hellfire, Toni Storm, Travis Banks, Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, Tyson Baxter, Unsocial Jordan, Vance Adams, Vixsin, Voodoo, Will Ospreay, Zak Douglas und Zane Taylor

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