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Wrestling and MMA Promotions

Currently, there are 1.988 wrestling and MMA promotions in our database. To select one of them, you can use the search form or the lists and pull-down menus.


Wrestlers used by the Promotion
The rosters of individual promotions are calculated based on their events in the database. Listed are only those 39.000 wrestlers who are unlocked by us for this section. Select a starting date and an end date, to have the database list only wrestlers that worked for the promotion within that time frame. The wrestlers can be sorted by name or by amount of matches. Statistics based on the results can be found here.
Starting Year
Starting Month
End Year
End Month

Wrestlers who worked Matches within the Time Frame
Aaron Anders, Aaron Mercer, Ace Austin, ACH, AJ Gray, AJ Sánchez, Alex Arsenal, Alex Colon, Alex Gracia, Ali Bama, Allie Katch, Andre Law, Andy Dalton, Antonio San Francisco, AQA, Ashley Vox, Atticus Cogar, Baby D, B-Boy, Big Game Leroy, Brad Skimahorn, Brandon Kirk, Brawler Morrison, Briar Skimahorn, Brock Baker, Bryan Keith, Brysin Scott, Camaro Jackson, Campbell Myers, Casanova Valentine, Chandler Hopkins, Chimaera, Chocolate Papi, Chris Carter, Christi Jaynes, Connor Crunk, Danhausen, Dan Maff, Danny Adams, Darby Allin, Davienne, Delilah Doom, Delmi Exo, Derek James, Devin Cutter, DG Taylor, Diamanté, Dillon Divine, Dimitri Alexandrov, D'Marco Wilson, DOUKI, Dylan Dunbar, Eddie Kingston, EFFY, Ethan Page, Ethan Price, El Fuego del Sol, Gary Jay, George Gatton, Gino, GPA, Great Scott, Gregory Iron, Gregory James, Heather Monroe, Herzog, Holidead, Hyan, Insane, Jake Lander, Jake Something, Jastin Taylor, Jaxon Stone, Jay Davis, Jaykus Plisken, Jazmin Allure, Jazz, Jeff Gant, Jenna Lynn, Jerome Daniels, Jody Threat, Joe DeMaro, Johnny Bedlam, Jordan Lennox, Jordynne Grace, J Serious, Juventud Aérea, Kari Wright, Kasey Catal, Kenny Alfonso, The Kenway, Kiefer Bartek, Killa Kate, Kody Lane, Kris Statlander, Kylie Rae, Laynie Luck, Leyla Hirsch, Low Rider, Machiko, MASADA, Mason Cutter, Matthew Palmer, Matt Makowski, Maverick, Max Beckett, Max Humberto, M*E*R*C, Mike Dell, Mikey McFinnegan, Mr. Iguana, MVP, MV Young, Myka, The Mysterious Q, Nate Jolly, Neil Diamond Cutter, New Jack, Parrow, PCO, Penelope Ford, Perry von Vicious, Phoebe, Prince Adam, Raché Chanel, Rakzo, Raven, Raychell Rose, Rickey Shane Page, Ricky Starks, Rob Love, Rodney Mack, Rory Gulak, Roxanne Perez, Rubén Steel, Ryan Remington, Sadika, Savanna Stone, Seishin, Shane Sabre, Shotzi, SK Bishop, Sky de Lacrimosa, Stallion Rogers, Steve DeMarco, The StudStache Enforcer, Super Crazy, Su Yung, Taro Yamada, Terrale Tempo, Thomas Shire, Thunder Rosa, Tommy Becker, Tommy Bolton, Tony Deppen, T-Ray, Tyler Colton, Veda Scott, Vertvixen, Warhorse, Warren J, WildCard, Yul Hubbard und Zack Zilla

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