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Wrestling and MMA Promotions

Currently, there are 2.045 wrestling and MMA promotions in our database. To select one of them, you can use the search form or the lists and pull-down menus.


Wrestlers used by the Promotion
The rosters of individual promotions are calculated based on their events in the database. Listed are only those 39.093 wrestlers who are unlocked by us for this section. Select a starting date and an end date, to have the database list only wrestlers that worked for the promotion within that time frame. The wrestlers can be sorted by name or by amount of matches. Statistics based on the results can be found here.
Starting Year
Starting Month
End Year
End Month

Wrestlers who worked Matches within the Time Frame
Abe Coleman, Abe Kaplan, Abe Kashey, Ace Freeman, Al Baffert, Alberto Corral, Al Billings, Alex Kasaboski, Al George, Ali Adali, Ali Baba, Al Schissler, Angelo Cistoldi, Antone Leone, Art Brady, Babe Small, Babe Zaharias, Ben Morgan, Bill Bartush, Bill Grubbs, Bill Longson, Bill Middlekauff, Bill Sledge, Billy Hansen, Billy Marcus, Billy Varga, Billy Venable, Billy Weidner, Black Jack Dillon, Bobby Becker, Bobby Bruns, Bobby Coleman, Bobby Ford, Bobby Managoff, Bronco Valdez, Bronko Nagurski, Brother Jonathan, Buddy O'Brien, Bud Higgins, Buffalo Bill Wilson, Cardiff Giant, Casey Kazanjian, Cherry Vallina, Chico Cortez, Chico Hernández, Chief Little Wolf, Chief Thunderbird, Chris Zaharias, Clara Mortensen, Cliff Gustafson, Cliff Olson, Cliff Thiede, Cowboy Luttrall, Cyclone Mackey, Dan Barnhart, Danno O'Mahoney, Danny Dusek, Danny McShain, Dan O'Connor, Dave Levin, Dean Detton, Dick Kanthe, Dick Lever, Dick Raines, Dick Trout, Don Blackman, Don Lee, Don Sebastian, Don Sugai, Dr. Fred Meyer, Dude Chick, Dutch Hefner, Earl McCready, Ed Don George, Ed Lewis, Ed Meske, Elmer Estep, Elmer Wiggins, Elvira Snodgrass, Emir Badui, Ernest Kelly, Everett Kibbons, Everett Marshall, Firpo Segura, Floyd Marshall, Francisco Aguayo, Frank Brown, Frank Hickey, Frank Jares, Frank Judson, Frank Schroll, Frank Sexton, Frank Taylor, Fred Carone, Freddie Blassie, Friedrich Von Schacht, Fritz Schnabel, Garland "Tarzan" Burgess, Gene Bowman, Gene Stanlee, George Becker, George Dusette, George Harben, George Koverly, George Mack, George Macricostas, George Pavich, George Schnabel, George Zaharias, Gino Garibaldi, Gladys Gillem, Golden Terror, Gordon McKenzie, Gorgeous George, Gorila Ramos, Gus Pappas, Hank Metheny, Hans Buesing, Hans Schnabel, Hans Schultz, Hans Steinke, Hardy Kruskamp, Harry Cornsweet, Harry Jacobs, Harry Kent, Henry Kulkovich, Howard Burnell, Howard Cantonwine, Ivan Kameroff, Ivan Rasputin, Jack Claybourne, Jack Donovan, Jack Gacek, Jack Holland, Jack Kennedy, Jack Kogut, Jack Manuel, Jack Pinto, Jack Ross, Jack Sherry, Jack Sullivan, Jack Terry, Jesse James, Jim Austeri, Jim Casey, Jim Londos, Jimmy el Pulpo, Jimmy Lott, Jim Wright, Joaquín Murrieta, Joe Banaski, Joe Benecassa , Joe Campbell, Joe Corbett, Joe Cox, Joe Mason, Joe Savoldi, Joe Tonti, Joe Woods, John Grandovich, John Katan, John Melas, John Morgan, Johnny Cabral, Johnny Garibaldi, Johnny Kostas, Johnny Marrs, José Rodríquez, José Sevilla, Juan Humberto, Jules Strongbow, Jumbo Kennedy, Karl Davis, Karl Pojello, Karol Kalmikoff, Kay Bell, Kenny Ackles, King Kong Clayton, Kohola Lupenu, LaVerne Baxter, Lee Grable, Lee Wyckoff, Lefty Mofford, Leo Mortensen, Leonardo García, Leon Kirilenko, Leo Wallich, Les Grimes, Lord Carlton, Louie Miller, Lou Newman, Luigi Bacigalupi, Mae Weston, Mae Young, Man Mountain Dean, Mark Hosley, Martin Levy, Maurice Tillet, Max Krauser, Mayes McLain, Mighty Atlas, Mike Mazurki, Mike Nazarian, Mike Reilly, Mike Wark, Mildred Burke, Milt Pollack, Mitsugi Hamanaka, Moose Munn, Myron Cox, Nick Lutze, Otto Kuss, Otto Schnabel, Paavo Ketonen, Pantaleon Manlapig, Pat Fraley, Pat McClary, Pat McGill, Pat O'Shocker, Pat Reilly, Paul Matty, Pedro Martínez, Pete Mehringer, Pete Peterson, Pierre DeGlane, Prince Mihalakis, Raoul López, Ray Steele, Rita Martinez , Rube Wright, Rudy LaDitzi, Sailor Sammy Simms, Salvadore Flores, Sam Menacker, Sammy Stein, Sandor Szabo, Seelie Samara, Shirley Rosenbaum, Silent Rattan, Stanley Kerfoot, Stanley Pinto, Stan Shaw, Steve Casey, Steve Strelich, Super Swedish Angel, Swedish Angel, Tarzan White, Ted Christy, Ted Cox, Ted Tourtas, Terry McGinnis, Tiger Nenoff Tsakoff, Tiny Roebuck, Toar Morgan, Tommy Nilan, Tom Rice, Tom Zaharias, Tony Andell, Tony Felice, Tony Morelli, Tony Roccaforte, Vic Christy, Vic Hill, Vic Holbrook, Vincent López, Wee Willie Davis, Wild Red Berry, Wladyslaw Talun und Yukon Eric

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