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Mask Matches

Currently, you will find 1.611 unmaskings in our database. You can sort them by date or by the name of the unmasked wrestler (gimmick name at the time of the unmasking).

Unmaskings sorted by date
12020/11/01: IWRG @ Naucalpan - El Castillo del Terror 2020
- El Capo del Sur was unmasked by El Hijo del Alebrije.
22020/03/01: El Homenaje a Flama Roja
- Aéreo was unmasked by Villano III Jr..
32020/02/16: CMLL Guadalajara Domingos
- Paladin was unmasked by El Demonio Maya.
42020/01/01: CMLL Miércoles Arena México - Sin Piedad 2020
- Espíritu Negro was unmasked by Príncipe Diamante.
52019/12/15: Dragon Gate The Final Gate 2019
- "Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa was unmasked by Naomichi Marufuji.
62019/12/01: AAA TripleManía Regia
- Monster Clown was unmasked by Aero Star.
72019/11/16: IPW Germany Big Bang
- Demolition Davies was unmasked by Nikita Charisma.
82019/09/27: CMLL Viernes Espectacular - 86. Aniversario
- Chamuel was unmasked by Microman.
92019/06/16: CMLL Guadalajara Domingos
- Paymon was unmasked by El Fantástico.
102019/05/12: ASPIRE 3rd Anniversary Show @ Allenton
- El Desvalido was unmasked by Ronon.
112019/01/01: CMLL Martes Arena México - Sin Piedad 2019
- Akuma was unmasked by El Hijo del Signo and Yago.
122018/12/30: CMLL Guadalajara Domingos
- Smaker was unmasked by Gran Kenut.
132018/11/04: CMLL Guadalajara Domingos
- Destructor was unmasked by Avispón Negro Jr..
142018/10/20: DWO Day of Destiny XI
- Shadow Fox was unmasked by Lucha Star.
152018/09/15: Expo Museo Lucha Libre @ Ciudad de México
- El Hijo del Rambo was unmasked by Tiger.
162018/08/25: AAA TripleManía XXVI
- El Hijo del Fantasma was unmasked by L.A. Par-K.
172018/08/04: Mexa Wrestling @ Nezahualcóyotl
- Fly Star was unmasked by Toxin.
182018/07/15: CMLL Guadalajara Domingos
- Linterna was unmasked by Gran Kenut.
192018/06/23: OWA Redemption
- Seraphim was unmasked by Huracán.
202018/06/15: Michinoku Pro Tokyo Show Vol. 3 ~ Kikikaikai
- Mini Master was unmasked by Ultraman Robin.
212018/05/26: Toryumon México @ Ciudad de México - DragonManía 2018
- El Patán was unmasked by Súper Ciudadano.
222018/03/16: CMLL Viernes Espectacular - El Homenaje a Dos Leyendas 2018
- Ángel de Oro was unmasked by El Cuatrero.
232018/02/11: CWFH TV-Taping @ Port Hueneme
- Astro Viajero was unmasked by Raúl and Rogelio.
242018/02/11: CWFH TV-Taping @ Port Hueneme
- Espíritu was unmasked by Raúl and Rogelio.
252017/12/25: CMLL Lunes Arena México - Sin Salida 2017
- El Hijo del Signo was unmasked by Starman.
262017/12/15: VKF Over the Limit
- Jushin Thunder Nuga was unmasked by Yasu Samurai.
272017/09/16: CMLL Sábados Arena México - 84. Aniversario
- Niebla Roja was unmasked by Gran Guerrero.
282017/09/16: CMLL Sábados Arena México - 84. Aniversario
- Princesa Sugehit was unmasked by Zeuxis.
292017/09/02: The Crash @ Tijuana
- Oraculo was unmasked by Black Danger.
302017/08/26: AAA TripleManía XXV
- Dr. Wagner Jr. was unmasked by Psycho Clown.
312017/08/13: IWRG @ Naucalpan
- Gallo Frances was unmasked by Black Dragón.
322017/08/03: VKF Wrestle Naniwa 2017 ~ VKF 10th Anniversary Show
- VKF Machine #2 was unmasked by SUGI.
332017/06/04: AAA Verano de Escándalo 2017
- Carta Brava Jr. was unmasked by Dr. Wagner Jr. and Psycho Clown.
342017/06/04: AAA Verano de Escándalo 2017
- Soul Rocker was unmasked by Dr. Wagner Jr. and Psycho Clown.
352017/05/05: Dragon Gate DEAD or ALIVE 2017
- Cyber Kong was unmasked by YAMATO.
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