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Mask Matches

Currently, you will find 1.641 unmaskings in our database. You can sort them by date or by the name of the unmasked wrestler (gimmick name at the time of the unmasking).

Unmaskings sorted by date
712015/02/07: Lucha Underground TV-Taping @ Los Angeles
- Súper Fly was unmasked by Sexy Star.
722015/01/31: AULL/UWE @ Tlalnepantla de Baz
- Herejía was unmasked by Chucho el Roto.
732015/01/06: CMLL Martes Arena México
- El Cholo was unmasked by El Soberano Jr. and Star Jr..
742015/01/06: CMLL Martes Arena México
- Ramstein was unmasked by El Soberano Jr. and Star Jr..
752015/01/01: Independent-Show @ Santiago de Querétaro
- Cyberman was unmasked by Príncipe Odín Jr..
762015/01/01: Independent-Show @ Santiago de Querétaro
- Muerte Fantastica was unmasked by Halcón de Fuego.
772014/12/28: Independent-Show @ Pachuca
- Dr. Boris was unmasked by Sacristán del Diablo.
782014/12/28: Independent-Show @ Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
- Spawn was unmasked by Estrella de Plata Jr..
792014/12/25: Show @ Nezahualcóyotl - 53. Aniversario de la Arena Azteca Budokan
- Mayan was unmasked by Demoledor and Puma.
802014/12/21: DTU DTU/Producciónes Spartacus @ Poza Rica de Hidalgo - Sie7e Aniversario
- Corazón Latino was unmasked by Miedo Extremo.
812014/12/13: AULL/Promociones WMC @ Tlalnepantla de Baz
- El Guerrero WMC was unmasked by Dinamic Black.
822014/12/07: Independent-Show @ Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza
- Astro Man was unmasked by Hell Boy.
832014/12/07: AAA Guerra de Titanes 2014
- Súper Fly was unmasked by Aero Star.
842014/12/05: LLF @ Monterrey - 14. Aniversario
- Lady Jaguar was unmasked by Alicia.
852014/11/30: ANLL @ Cuernavaca
- Saeta Morelense Jr. was unmasked by El Comodín.
862014/11/09: Golden Tirado Promociones @ San Pedro Tlaquepaque
- Antuan was unmasked by El Engendro Jr..
872014/11/09: Independent-Show @ Pachuca
- Drástico was unmasked by Poético.
882014/11/02: IWRG @ Naucalpan - El Castillo del Terror 2014
- Kenshi Kabuki was unmasked by Golden Magic.
892014/10/11: BCW Ring of Glory 2014
- Dirty Rodríguez was unmasked by Faceless.
902014/10/04: NEW Hoch Explosiv 4
- Cruel Agility was unmasked by Miguel Ramírez.
912014/09/28: Show @ Uruapan
- Black Danger was unmasked by Guerrero Olímpico.
922014/09/19: CMLL Viernes Espectacular - 81. Aniversario
- Último Guerrero was unmasked by Atlantis.
932014/08/31: MARK @ San Luis Potosí
- Pantera was unmasked by Mistic.
942014/08/24: Promociones WMC @ México, D.F.
- Rey Gato was unmasked by Gato Montés.
952014/08/17: LLN @ Apodaca
- Titanik was unmasked by Galactar.
962014/08/10: CMLL Domingos Arena México
- El Metálico was unmasked by Oro Jr..
972014/08/05: Promociones Alvarado @ Martínez de la Torre
- Rey Pantera was unmasked by Demonio Rojo.
982014/08/03: Promociones Mantis @ México, D.F. - 3. Aniversario
- Hacha Infernal was unmasked by Cosmos Negro.
992014/08/01: CMLL Viernes Espectacular - Juicio Final 2014
- La Seductora was unmasked by Marcela and Princesa Sugehit.
1002014/07/28: CMLL Lunes Arena Puebla
- Blue Center was unmasked by Tigre Rojo Jr..
1012014/07/20: Independent-Show @ Guadalajara - 19. Aniversario de la Arena Jalisco
- Hitman was unmasked by Gran Misterio.
1022014/07/18: XWW @ Xalapa Enríquez
- Vampiro Dos Mil was unmasked by Peligro.
1032014/07/06: MARK @ San Luis Potosí - 35. Aniversario de la Arena Margarita
- Príncipe Águila was unmasked by Rey Ángel.
1042014/06/22: CMLL Guadalajara Domingos
- Black Metal was unmasked by Bárbaro Cavernario.
1052014/06/22: ANLL @ Cuernavaca
- Krimen was unmasked by Black Hangman.
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