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Longest matches ever

In our database, there are currently 2.053.864 activated matches. 432.547 of these have known match times. In this section, you can see the longest and shortest of them, and if you want, you can limit the list to a single promotion, month, year, or decade or a combination thereof.
Record Type

Rank Match Match time
423481 WWF TV-Taping @ Glens Falls
21. Juni 1988 @ Civic Center in Glens Falls, New York (United States of America)
George Steele defeated Scott Colantonio
1:11 min.
423482 WWF TV-Taping @ Glens Falls
21. Juni 1988 @ Civic Center in Glens Falls, New York (United States of America)
Big Boss Man defeated Mario Mancini
1:11 min.
423483 SuperBrawl 14
5. November 1999 @ University of Guam Fieldhouse in Mangilao (Guam)
John Calvo defeated Mark Huetson [Heavyweight Bout]
1:11 min.
423484DEEP Impact 17
18. Dezember 2004 @ Differ Ariake in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Nobuhiro Obiya defeated Yoshihiro Tomioka
1:11 min.
423485 ClubDEEP 19: Future King Tournament 2006
9. Dezember 2006 @ Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Tomoyuki Yagashita defeated Mitsuo Matsuda
1:11 min.
423486 ClubDEEP 27
28. Oktober 2007 @ Zepp Sendai in Sendai, Miyagi (Japan)
Koichiro Matsumoto defeated Kosuke Umeda
1:11 min.
423487Gladiator Challenge Never Quit
8. November 2009 @ Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, California (United States of America)
Alan Roach defeated Danny Webb
1:11 min.
423488KOTC Redemption on the River
17. Februar 2006 @ The MARK of the Quad Cities in Moline, Illinois (United States of America)
Bart Palaszewski defeated Wayne Weems
1:11 min.
423489 ClubDEEP 34
28. September 2008 @ Act City in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka (Japan)
Kleber Koike Erbst defeated Masaki Wada
1:11 min.
423490 DEEP Future King Tournament 2009
27. Dezember 2009 @ Gold's Gym South Tokyo Annex in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Ikuya Hashimoto defeated Toshinari Nakamura
1:11 min.
423491Toryumon Japan Battalla de Otono 2002 - Day 6
20. September 2002 @ Niigata Phase in Niigata, Niigata (Japan)
Darkness Dragon defeated Takamichi Iwasa
1:11 min.
423492 Spirit MC 2: Combative Spirit Elevation
16. August 2003 @ Jang Chung Gymnasium in Seoul (South Korea)
Chi Sung Lee defeated Yun Shik Yoo
1:11 min.
423493Shooto Wanna Shooto Japan
21. April 2002 @ Kitazawa Town Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Jin Kazeta defeated Masanori Sugatani [Lightweight Bout]
1:11 min.
423494Icon Sport Epic
31. März 2007 @ Neal S. Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii (United States of America)
Jason Miller defeated Héctor Urbina
1:11 min.
423495DEEP Impact 46
28. Februar 2010 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Isao Terada defeated Hiroshi Nakamura [Bantamweight Bout]
1:11 min.
423496KOTC Native Warriors
6. März 2010 @ Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino in Santa Fe, New Mexico (United States of America)
Ryan Axtel defeated Lafayette Barela
1:11 min.
423497 Shark Fights 9: Phillips vs. Evans
20. März 2010 @ Amarillo Civic Center in Amarillo, Texas (United States of America)
Josh Luna defeated John King [Light Heavyweight Bout]
1:11 min.
423498 ClubDEEP 39
28. März 2010 @ Pink Big Pig in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Toshikatsu Harada defeated Shitoku Takanashi
1:11 min.
423499 WWF TV-Taping @ Allentown
4. Dezember 1979 @ Agricultural Hall in Allentown, Pennsylvania (United States of America)
Hussein Arab defeated Dan Patrick
1:11 min.
423500SMW Volunteer Slam II
9. Mai 1993 @ General James White Memorial Civic Auditorium and Coliseum in Knoxville, Tennessee (United States of America)
Tom Prichard defeated Ricky Morton
1:11 min.
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