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Longest matches ever

In our database, there are currently 2.273.099 activated matches. 488.452 of these have known match times. In this section, you can see the longest and shortest of them, and if you want, you can limit the list to a single promotion, month, year, or decade or a combination thereof.
Record Type

Rank Match Match time
478121NOAH The Tournament - Day 1
23. Dezember 2008 @ Differ Ariake in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Go Shiozaki defeated Yoshinari Ogawa [The Tournament, Round #2]
1:16 min.
478122 PFC 10: Explosive
26. September 2008 @ Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in Lemoore, California (United States of America)
Lavar Johnson defeated Vince Lucero [Heavyweight Bout]
1:16 min.
478123 Palace Fighting Championship 7
20. März 2008 @ Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in Lemoore, California (United States of America)
Phil Collins defeated Mike Martinez [Middleweight Bout]
1:16 min.
478124BJW Harder than Hardcore Series - Day 3
8. März 2002 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Willie Takayama defeated Hideki Shioda [Original Fake Karateka vs. Rex Japan]
1:16 min.
478125 WWF TV-Taping @ Niagara Falls
28. April 1992 @ Niagara Falls Convention and Civic Center in Niagara Falls, New York (United States of America)
The Mountie defeated Bill Pierce
1:16 min.
478126Pancrase Pancrash! 3
21. April 1994 @ Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium in Osaka, Osaka (Japan)
Bas Rutten defeated Vernon White
1:16 min.
478127 WWF TV-Taping @ Hamilton
29. Oktober 1984 @ Convention Center in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
Kamala defeated Joe Marcus
1:16 min.
478128Pancrase 1999 Anniversary Show
18. September 1999 @ Tokyo Bay NK Hall in Urayasu, Chiba (Japan)
Masakatsu Funaki defeated Tony Petarra
1:16 min.
478129Pancrase Hybrid 7
22. Juni 2003 @ Umeda Stella Hall in Osaka, Osaka (Japan)
Satoshi Watanabe defeated Kenji Takeshige [Lightweight Bout]
1:16 min.
478130FCW TV-Taping @ Tampa
19. März 2009 @ Tampa Arena in Tampa, Florida (United States of America)
Sweet Papi Sánchez defeated Derrick Bateman
1:16 min.
478131Pancrase Blow 11
10. Dezember 2006 @ Differ Ariake in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Masahiro Toryu defeated Nobuhiro Tsurumaki [Middleweight Bout]
1:16 min.
478132 PFC 13: Validation
8. Mai 2009 @ Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in Lemoore, California (United States of America)
Eddie Yagin defeated Casey Olson [Featherweight Bout]
1:16 min.
478133Gladiator Challenge Put Up or Shut Up
31. Mai 2009 @ Konocti Vista Resort and Casino in Lakeport, California (United States of America)
Jayson Jaynes defeated Travis Hutto [Featherweight Bout]
1:16 min.
478134KOTC Retribution
30. August 2008 @ UTE Mountain Casino in Cortez, Colorado (United States of America)
Matt Knaub defeated Travis Ford
1:16 min.
478135KOTC Badlands
12. Juli 2008 @ Isleta Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico (United States of America)
Lorenzo Coca defeated Josh Silva
1:16 min.
478136 WFC 4: Cage Wars
13. Juli 2007 @ Expo Hall in Tampa, Florida (United States of America)
Joseph Wissman defeated Brandon Cooley
1:16 min.
478137UWFi Mid-Summer in Jingu
17. August 1996 @ Jingu Stadium in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Kimo Leopoldo defeated Yoshihiro Takayama
1:16 min.
478138Gladiator Challenge High Impact
23. Juli 2009 @ Pauma Casino in Pauma Valley, California (United States of America)
Dustin Thornton defeated Ben Champeaux [Bantamweight Bout]
1:16 min.
478139Gladiator Challenge High Impact
23. Juli 2009 @ Pauma Casino in Pauma Valley, California (United States of America)
Andy Wang defeated Josh Ramage [Welterweight Bout]
1:16 min.
478140Shooto @ Tokyo
17. März 1990 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Kazuhiro Kusayanagi defeated Kaoru Todori [Welterweight Bout]
1:16 min.
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