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Wrestling History: What happened on June 16th?
2013/06/16 6:002013/06/16 0:00
New Rules Governing Pro Wrestling Put Into Effect In Alabama.
2013/06/15 17:332013/06/15 11:33
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NWA SAW: Sami Callihan's Last Match. WWE Contract To Be Put Up For Sale.
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2013/06/12 6:002013/06/12 0:00
WWE: Jim Ross Blogs On Bryan Vs. Rollins. Sin Cara Vs. Cesaro. Payback
2013/06/11 22:562013/06/11 16:56
Wrestling History: What happened on June 11th?
2013/06/11 6:002013/06/11 0:00
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WWE: Jim Ross Blogs On Bryan Vs. Rollins. Sin Cara Vs. Cesaro. Payback
Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry. Here are the some of the highlights:

On Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins: @WWEDanielBryan vs. @WWERollins was one of the best bouts on RAW in many moons. This was excellent from start to finish, an announcer's dream really, and is a great match for NXT athletes or those wanting to make it to WWE Development to study. Both the winner and the loser improved their perception and enhanced their personas when this match ended.

Sin Cara vs. Antonio Cesaro: Antonio Cesaro. Had the best, short Sin Cara match that I can recall and got a nice win in the process. I'm a fan of Cesaro's work and feel he can evolve into a main event level talent in WWE. Cesaro's skill set is loaded with subtle things which arguably makes one take a longer route to reach the top. Cesaro's another talent that I would covet if I ever started a wrestling territory....which I'm not.

On Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk at Payback: Jericho vs. Punk. Hopefully these two will deliver the goods Sunday based on the hype the hardcore fans are demanding and predicting. I'm not backing away from what I said a week or so ago...this match will be challenging to follow because the crowd's emotional investment for their hometown hero will be so organically passionate...and loud.

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