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New Rules Governing Pro Wrestling Put Into Effect In Alabama.
The State of Alabama has placed several new rules into effect for professional wrestling in the state. The new rules are:

1. All promoters, wrestlers. referees, etc are now required to have a license. Licenses are $100 for promoters and $30 for the wrestlers, referees, etc. All licenses must be paid by July 15, 2013. Licenses expire on December 31st and must be renewed.
2. The Alabama Athletic Commission gets 5% of all gross ticket sales for each event.
3. Barricades must surround the ring and be 6' from the ring.
4. No hard sole shoes on wrestlers.
5. Wrestlers' ring attire must be neat and clean.
6. Foreign objects can only be used with prior approval of the Alabama Athletic Commission.
7. No intentional blood without prior approval from the Alabama Athletic Commission. For events where blood is approved, blood tests must be taken and a doctor is to be present at the event.
8. A licensed EMT is to be at all events.

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