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NewsboardDate (CET)Date (ET)
IW[9/17-?]: Mickie James Publicly Questions Hulk Hogan
2012/02/15 6:502012/02/15 0:50
Wrestling History: What happened on February 15th?
2012/02/15 6:012012/02/15 0:01
IW[9/17-?]: Christopher Daniels On Sports Entertainment vs. Wrestling
2012/02/14 16:172012/02/14 10:17
IW[9/17-?]: Samoa Joe Talks Wrestling Future, And More
2012/02/14 15:032012/02/14 9:03
Wrestling History: What happened on February 14th?
2012/02/14 6:012012/02/14 0:01
Wrestling History: What happened on February 13th?
2012/02/13 6:012012/02/13 0:01
WWE: Mick Foley Talks About His WWE Future, Attitude Era vs. PG Era...
2012/02/12 19:012012/02/12 13:01
WWE: Rick Santorums Strong WWE Ties
2012/02/12 18:542012/02/12 12:54
IW[9/17-?]: Impact quarter-hour ratings, Sting and Hogan's segments compared
2012/02/12 15:022012/02/12 9:02
Matt Hardy Discusses Where He Stands In Wrestling And More
2012/02/12 14:542012/02/12 8:54
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IW[9/17-?]: Impact quarter-hour ratings, Sting and Hogan's segments compared
First Hour Break Down

Q1: Impact opened with a 1.03 rating for a "Star Wars" themed opening video package, Sting confronting Bobby Roode & Bully Ray, and one full commercial break. (down 12.5% vs. 2011-Q1 average)

Q2: Impact rebounded with a first hour-high 1.10 rating for AJ Styles vs. Daniels and one commercial break. (down 4.8% vs. 2011-Q2 average)

Q3: Impact returned to the Q1 rating of a 1.03 for Magnus's memorable promo, tag team brawl, one commercial break, and introductions for an X Division match. (down 11.7% vs. 2011-Q3 average)

Q4: Impact dropped to a first-hour-low 0.99 rating for the end of the Austin Aries vs. Douglas Williams vs. Alex Shelley match and two full commercial breaks leading to the top of the hour, which dragged down the quarter-hour rating. (down 12.0% vs. 2011-Q4 average)

Second Hour Break Down

Q5: Impact increased to an unremarkable 1.08 rating for this week's big Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff-Bischoff talking segment, plus one commercial break. This was the lowest-rated Q5 rating of the year. (down 12.3% vs. 2011-Q5 average)

Q6: Impact was virtually the same with a 1.07 rating for Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky in this week's Knockouts match, plus the "Star Wars" trailer, backstage segments, and one commercial break. (down 7.7% vs. 2011-Q6 average)

Q7: Impact declined to a second-hour-low 0.99 rating for video packages and a commercial break. (down 13.1% vs. 2011-Q7 average)

Q8: Impact increased to a show-high 1.12 rating for the Sting & James Storm vs. Bobby Roode & Bully Ray main event, plus one commercial break. This was tied with last week's Q8 rating. (down 4.9% vs. 2011-Q8 average)

Source: the outstanding
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