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IW[9/17-?]: Jesse Sorensen Makes First Public Comments Since His Injury
2012/02/24 11:522012/02/24 5:52
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2012/02/24 6:012012/02/24 0:01
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2012/02/23 6:012012/02/23 0:01
WWE: Batista Talks Leaving WWE, Not Liking the PG Direction, And More
2012/02/22 13:042012/02/22 7:04
Timothy Well is not dead
2012/02/22 6:362012/02/22 0:36
Wrestling History: What happened on February 22nd?
2012/02/22 6:012012/02/22 0:01
Former WWF Star Timothy Well Passes Away
2012/02/21 6:562012/02/21 0:56
Wrestling History: What happened on February 21st?
2012/02/21 6:012012/02/21 0:01
WWE: Trish Stratus Teases Possible WrestleMania Match Against Beth
2012/02/20 23:372012/02/20 17:37
Wrestling History: What happened on February 20th?
2012/02/20 6:012012/02/20 0:01
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WWE: Batista Talks Leaving WWE, Not Liking the PG Direction, And More
The UK Sun recently interviewed former WWE star Batista, here are the highlights...

On Leaving WWE: "The reason I left was the PG direction the company took, it got too corny for me. I was a hug fan of the edgy era of D-Generation X, Stone Cold Steve Austin and those guys. The change in direction really ruined it for me. It's well recorded I'm not a fan of the likes of John Cena or The Miz. It's such a different company these days and not in a good way."

On Being Offered a Job on Tough Enough: "I've no plans to return anytime soon. I was offered the job of working on Tough Enough, I just didn't think it was for me. I hear it went well with Steve Austin and good luck to them. I need to be excited by a project and I didn't feel that way about Tough Enough."

On a Possible Return: "If I did return to the WWE, it would be for a run not just a one-shot deal. I'd have to be a constant for them not someone who drifts in and out to boost ratings. If I did I'd love to work with Triple H again or The Undertaker. They are the best workers there in my opinion and they'd make it worthwhile to return. The show would have to change though, so I can't see my return being anytime soon can you?

Would he Wrestle Anywhere Else?: "For me, the WWE is the number one wrestling organization. I'd hate to end my career somewhere that's a step down. If I go out, I go out on top and working for the company on top."

Source: the great
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