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WWE: Punk On-Camera Studio Interview - Criticizes TNA Wrestler
WWE champion CM Punk was interviewed for 30 minutes at the Mix Philadelphia studios in December following the TLC PPV, with the on-camera interview released this week. The following are highlights of Punk's chat with radio host Brian Soscia and wrestling fans in the studio audience.

-- Punk made the most waves cutting down current TNAW wrestler "The Pope," who wrestled as Elijah Burke during the ECW brand days when Punk got his start in WWE. Punk called him his worst career opponent, adding, "Talk about a Diva."

-- Punk mentioned TNAW wrestler Samoa Joe and his best friend, Colt Cabana, as two wrestlers he would like to see in WWE to work a program.

"I think people in the (WWE) office are starting to listen to me," Punk said. "I would love to get Cabana his job back. I would love to see Joe given a shot."

-- Discussing the "challenging" WWE travel schedule, Punk noted he does not have a family other than his two sisters.

"I think that's why I'm afforded this lifestyle," Punk said. "There's men and women on the crew that are married with children and I don't know how they do it. Stuff's hard enough as it is. I couldn't imagine having a kid and being away from them for so long. But, some of them do it. Bless their hearts. I find it hard enough that I don't see my little sisters enough."

-- Punk said he is "very proud" of flipping the crowd from hating him to cheering him in 2011 after a lengthy heel run. Punk said he believes the crowd recognized his talent and began to cheer him because of it. As for the ice cream bars that were part of his turn, Punk said it's "taking some time" after having meetings with executives in suits.

-- Punk referred to winning every title in WWE, except for the U.S. Title. He jokingly said he would like to go after Zack Ryder's Internet Title now.

Source: the excellent
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