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Nash Talks The Rock vs. John Cena, TNA Return, What TNA Needs
Former WWE and TNAW star Kevin Nash recently appeared on the One Sided Ring podcast hosted by Rob McNichol. Here are some highlights of what Nash said about:

Nash on a Possible TNAW return:

"I have a fifteen year old son, and at this point my son needs a Dad more than the world needs a wrestler. The thing that makes TNAW work for me is that first of all I have way more friends there than in WWE. I made some friends once I came there - CM Punk and I got along well, me and Dolph Ziggler got along well and I got a chance to hang out with John Cena – but my crew of guys that are still in the business are more the TNAW guys.

"It’s fifty miles from my house. I can drive over there; I don’t have to get on a plane. I can put my gear in the trunk, drop the top on my convertible and be over there and do it. It was always a really easy travel day for me. I enjoyed being down there. I also part of a lot of the young guys – AJ Styles, Eric Young, Bobby Roode - in their early stages of development. Now these guys are becoming stars. I’m not saying I wouldn’t go back. If they had something for me and they needed me, I would go back and do it. Right now I’m starting to get bored!"

What TNAW needs to get to the next level:

"I think it would take a couple of major players. It would take a CM Punk. He would be a changer for them. He’s an edgy guy, and if he made that jump that would be a huge piece of the pie.

"Or it would need a Dwayne Johnson or a Cena. And those guys aren’t going anywhere. I would hate to say ‘never say never’ because if you had told me during our run with WCW that at one point we’d be out there in WWE, I’d have been like 'What?' Never say never - crazier things have happened.

"TNAW have gone from TNAW to Impact Wrestling, which is a brand change. I think they are going in the right direction, as long as TNAW continues to make it different. I watch both shows. I like the breakaway feel TNAW has, where it feels grittier."

John Cena vs Rock:

"People love John Cena. There’s a reason John Cena sells the most merchandise. I love the fact that he has not once wavered his character, he’s kept his character completely. That’s so hard to do nowadays. To be that beacon of honesty, respect loyalty – to do that in our society is so hard to do and to have any sort of cool factor. He’s been able to pull it off and I think that’s because he hasn’t wavered. It’s a testament to him.

"The WWE needs The Rock a lot more than The Rock needs WWE. Dwayne opens up number one almost every time he opens up at the box office. He’s in such high demand in Hollywood. He is the guy right now. He’s done over a billion dollars in motion picture revenue.

"I saw him come out at Survivor Series and I hadn’t seen Dwayne in quite some time. I was at the monitor and I said to one of the guys, 'He looks better than his character in the video game!'"

Source: the amazing
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