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Mexico: Perros del Mal, La Parka Jr., Octagón
Perro Aguayo Jr. stated on Friday that Producciones Perros del Mal is stronger than ever now that he is the reigning Rey de Reyes because with that title that means that all of the wrestlers of AAA are his subjects and they will be forced to pay homage to their king. Perrito then talked about how Perros del Mal has lost many great wrestlers over the years but he holds no ill will to anyone who has left because he feels they wanted to seek new horizons and that the door is always open for his friends to come back whenever they want. Perrito said that why should he hold any grudges against wrestlers that need some fresh air and he thinks that is a plus for him over other promoters who don’t know what it’s like to need a change every now and then. Perrito was asked what would happen if there were any Perros vs. Familia de Tijuana matchups booked in the future and he said that lucha libre is the best style in the world and the matchups should be immense but pretty much left it at that. Perrito then promised a big surprise on the next Perros del Mal show on 4/1 at Plan Sexenal de Cuernavaca that would please everyone.

La Parka Jr. stated today he thinks the beginning of his end as a member of La Sociedad was in a meeting before Rey de Reyes where he demanded that Dorian Roldan meet the obligations he had when he was asked to join the group because he felt he had been slighted in what he wanted so that upset Roldan and Octagón as well since Octagon was the one that recruited him to join. Parka said that Octagon has become transfixed by being a member of La Sociedad that it had clouded their friendship which ended later on that day when he attacked Parka on the Rey de Reyes show. Parka said that he is very confused right now with his role is in AAA because he now feels like an outsider across the board but he hopes something can be resolved. Parka said that there are no plans for him to reconcile with Cibernético due to what he did to his children and the grudge is very strong.

Octagon also talked about Parka saying that his main job in La Sociedad is to look over La Militia and he felt that Parka’s ego got ahead of the job he had to do and was too worried about his personal issues with Cibernetico than trying to be a good partner for Dark Dragon and Tito Santana. Octagon got tired of Parka disrespecting them and since he is their leader he had to do what he had to do to protect his guys. Octagon said that it’s Parka’s fault their friendship is over because he put his personal business ahead of financial business which became a conflict of interest in the job he had that night being the leader of La Militia. Octagon said that Parka can make it right if he wants to by apologizing to everyone he doublecrossed.

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