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IW[9/17-?]: Roode talks about Hogan, Hardy and more
TNAW World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode was recently interviewed by the UK's and had this to say about the following subjects:

Becoming TNAW World Champion: "My dream when I got into this business was to become World Champion and that I am. Im at the pinnacle of my career and its a moment Ive waited for and worked for, for a long time so Im going to make the most of it, take advantage of this opportunity and hopefully the gold will be around my waist for a long time. Im enjoying being the bad guy again and really like the way my character is being portrayed right now; I feel right at home with it. For the most part I well and truly enjoy being on this side of the fence."

The State Of TNAW's Tag Team Division: "There are always changes in wrestling. At the time when James and I became a tag team we just kind of took off straight away and basically became an overnight success. At the time, Team 3D were still going strong and Motor City Machine Guns were a young team, but a really good team as well. All three teams were given a lot of television time and the people in the offices were taken aback. We really made them write for us - which gave us TV time - and the tag team division had more of a focus on it then. Things have changed a little bit now, but we still have an opportunity to have some great tag team matches here in TNAW and when the time is right the focus will be put back on the tag team division."

Hulk Hogan Saying He's Not Ready to Be Champion: "The comments that Hogan made didnt bother me in the slightest. People in this industry say a lot of things and you learn to take it with a pinch of salt. Honestly, I think what Hogan said has worked in my favour, it gave the little extra fire I needed and look where I am now, Im the face of TNAW."

Jeff Hardy's Return To TNAW: "It has been well documented that Jeff has come back to TNAW and has turned his life around. His passion for wrestling and the business is back stronger than ever before and his matches over the past couple of months have proven that. There are still going to be some doubters, but I think that now Jeff is back to being the old Jeff Hardy and where my character is at - and with the top prize in the company at stake - I think the story we are going to tell and the match we are going to have will be great."

To read the full interview, including Bobby Roode's favorite wrestlers when he was growing up, getting to work with Ric Flair and more, head over to

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