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IW[9/17-?]: Impact Wrestling quarter-hour ratings for Thursdays show
TNAW Impact Wrestling on Thursday, January 12 officially scored a 1.13 rating off a first hour 1.17 rating and second hour 1.10 rating.

Impact's first hour rating (1.18) was nearly identical to last week's first hour rating (1.17). In the second hour, Impact did not drop off as much as last week (1.05 rating last week).

Similar to last week, Impact peaked in the first-hour, then steadily dropped off throughout the show. Impact opened with a 1.20 rating, hovered at the same level, then dropped to a 1.09 rating at the end of the first hour, where Impact stayed for nearly the entire second hour.

First Hour Break Down

Q1: Impact opened with a 1.20 rating for a post-Genesis segment involving Robert Roode, Jeff Hardy, and Sting setting up Roode-Hardy for the TNAW Title in the main event, followed by one commercial break. (up 1.9% vs. 2011-Q1 average)

Q2: Impact stayed at the same peak 1.20 rating for Crimson & Matt Morgan vs. Robbie E & Robbie T, a post-match angle, one commercial break, and the set-up for a Bischoff family segment. (up 3.8% vs. 2011-Q2 average)

Q3: Impact dropped slightly to a 1.18 rating for the Bischoff segment, backstage segments, one commercial, and the first-half of ODB vs. Winter. (up 1.2% vs. 2011-Q3 average)

Q4: Impact dropped off to a 1.09 rating for ODB-Winter part 2, a Daniels-AJ Styles-Kaz confrontation, and two full commercial breaks, which dragged down the quarter-hour and kept Impact at the same level for the rest of the show. (down 3.1% vs. 2011-Q4 average)

Second Hour Break Down

Q5: Impact stayed the same at a 1.09 rating for an Kurt Angle-James Storm talking session involving Sting and one commercial break. (down 11.5% vs. 2011-Q5 average)

Q6: Impact stayed the same at a 1.09 rating for the Angle-Storm #1 contender match, plus one mid-match commercial break. (down 6.0% vs. 2011-Q6 average)

Q7: Impact increased slightly to a second hour-high 1.11 rating for the finish of Angle-Storm, one commercial, and Knockouts segments. (down 2.6% vs. 2011-Q7 average)

Q8: Impact returned to the same 1.09 rating for the Robert Roode vs. Jeff Hardy main event, with one commercial break in the middle. (down 7.4% vs. 2011-Q8 average)

Source: the formidable
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