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WWE: Evan Bourne Suspended By WWE For 60 Days
2012/01/17 18:262012/01/17 12:26
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Mexico: Homenaje a Dos Leyendas 2012, Rey Bucanero on MS-1
CMLL announced yesterday that along with Salvador Lutteroth they would be honoring the legendary Bobby Bonales at the annual Dos Leyendas show in March.

Rey Bucanero told Reforma yesterday that he was stunned when he heard the news of the death of one of his childhood heroes MS-1 last Thursday in an auto accident. Rey said that his daughter saw the news on the internet and told him about it catching him offguard because of how it happened. Rey recollected about how when he was young that his uncle Pirata Morgan would bring him around Los Infernales and how he kindled an instant friendship with MS-1's son that he still cherishes to this day. Rey said that he hasn't been able to give proper condolences yet to the family and he hopes that he can go with his uncle to visit the family very soon. Bucanero was also asked about La Fuerza TRT and said that with Damián el Terrible currently touring Canada and Tiger building up his name in Guadalajara that February would be a big month for TRT as they would be stronger than ever.
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