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Mexico: Volador Jr. in Trouble, La Comandante, FantasticaMania
2012/01/19 21:052012/01/19 15:05
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2012/01/19 17:502012/01/19 11:50
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2012/01/17 23:552012/01/17 17:55
WWE: WWE Hall of Fame Update
2012/01/17 19:032012/01/17 13:03
WWE: Evan Bourne Suspended By WWE For 60 Days
2012/01/17 18:262012/01/17 12:26
Wrestling History: What happened on January 17th?
2012/01/17 6:012012/01/17 0:01
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Mexico: Volador Jr. in Trouble, La Comandante, FantasticaMania
In an encapsulating CMLL moment, Volador Jr. is in trouble for his variety of masks. Volador explains he is a fan of Spider-Man, and has a collection of comic book cartoons he recorded off TV, so he started using those looks as a way to get attention. It’s notable Volador used the phrase “renew or die” to explain it, as that’s been a specific phrase used towards CMLL itself a lot of late. There are quotes from fans (one saying using different looks is not creative, which is not the less sensible thing said here) who prefer the original look. From what I’ve read elsewhere previously, there are other fans who prefer the original look, but they’re a minority. The problem for Volador is some of those people who do not like him wearing different masks each week are the members of the CMLL programming committee. Pánico says they’ve told everyone to keep their original look, because fans are ‘confused’ by changes. Blue Panther says he’s never changed his mask and the best wrestlers – El Santo, Huracán Ramírez and Mil Máscaras – never changed his mask. (Mil Mascaras never changed his mask!?!) Volador reveals he’s been suspended for a time for changing his gear (his ban from Fridays?), and responds to Panico’s complains by saying the people aren’t stupid – “how can you change the names of a few luchadors and decieve us by saying they’re new talents when they’ve been here a year and everyone knows who they are.”

El Manana chatted with La Comandante and Zeuxis about their tag team and previous trip to Japan. Comandante again says she really didn’t like Japan, feeling like her life was totally upset, and didn’t like the partner REINA teamed her with at all since she acted jealous and not professional. (That would be La Dama de Hierro, who hasn’t been seen in months.) She says she was depressed, losing hair and weight, until she started teaming with Zeuxis and turned everything around. The only thing she misses about Japan is the food.

NJPWs website has been doing a lot of interviews with their wrestlers promoting the FantasticaMania shows:
- Hiroshi Tanahashi mentions how he and Volador were a (so random) tag team in TNAW, but then Volador did not remember him at all when he came back to CMLL many years later. Volador apparently looked Tanahashi up on the internet the next day and figured it out.
- Shinsuke Nakamura is a big fan of Volador, feels Diamante has a generic look but is a top young talent
- Taichi talks about his rival Máximo and suggests Rush will be a future IWGP Heavyweight Championship challenger.

In Mexico, Rush says his youth and hunger for victory will allow him to beat Hirooki Goto. All the NJPW guys mention Rush in some way. La Sombra’s surely going to be coming back to NJPW sometime later and Volador has a good chance to make a name for himself with a strong two days, but it’s pretty clear they feel Rush is the guy who has the biggest crossover potential over the long term. He’s got to start well here to make it happen.

Source: the excellent
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