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Stables and Tag Teams with Initial Letter C

Currently, there are 9.923 tag teams and stables in our database. In the list below, you can see them listed by name. The order ignores articles, so you will find "Los Perros del Mal" for example at initial letter "P".
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The C
Canadian Golden Boyz
Cash Money Brothas
C2 Initiative
Canadian Hit Squad
Cash Money Brothers
Canadian Imperial Alliance
Cash Money Mafia
Los Caballeros
The Canadian International Alliance
Cash's Cult
Los Caballeros del Aire
Canadian Lightning
Cash Vault
Los Caballeros de la Muerte
Canadian Ninjas
Cash Vault [2]
The Cabinet
Canadian Perfection
Casino Kids
The Cabinet [2]
Canadian Power House
Castillo Brothers
The Cabinet [3]
Canadian Sex Pistols
Casualties of War
The Cabinet [4]
Canadian Superstars
The Catalyst
Las Cachorras Orientales
Canadian Wildcats
The Cat & the Fiddle
Los Cachorros del Mal
Canadian Wrecking Crew
Catch Connection
Cade & Murdoch
Las Canallas
Catch Hoolz
Los Cadetes del Aire
Can-Am Connection
Catch Point
Los Cadetes del Espacio
Can-Am Express
Caucasian Connection
Los Cadetes del Espacio [2]
Los Cancerberos del Infierno
Los Caudillos
Los Cadetes del Espacio [3]
Candy Crush
The Cause
Cadillac Brothers
The Candy Crushers
The Cause [2]
Cage Brothers
Can-Ita Connection
The Caution
Caged Heat
Cannibal Holocaust
Caged Heat [2]
The Cannon Clan
Las Cavernicolas
Los Caídos del Cielo
The Canucks
Los Cazadores Salvajes
Cain Industries
Cape Fear
Calamari Catch Kings
Capital Punishment
Calamari Flip Kings
Capital Punishment [2]
CB4 [2]
Calamari Thatch Kings
Capital Vices
CB4 [3]
Los Calaveras
Los Capos
Calgary Hurricanes
Captain Ace
Calgary Hurricanes [2]
Las Caras del Miedo
CCK [2]
Calgary Typhoons
Cardiac Kids
The Celebs
Cali 31
Caribbean Connection
Cell Block-4
Cali Crush
Caribbean Connection [2]
Cell Block Four
Los Calientes
Caribbean Sunshine Boys
Celtic Saints
California Connection
Carnage Coalition
Celtic Sinners
California Dolls
Carnage Crew
California Hell's Angels
Centerfolds [2]
California Hippies
Carnaval de Sangre
The Center of Perfection
California Studs
The Carnies
California SWAT Team
Carnival Krew
California Undead
The Carnival of Shadows
Cereal Killers
The Callahan Foreign Exchange
Carnival of Sinn
Certified Sexy
Callous Hearts
The Carnivore Club
Los Chacales
The Cam-An Connection
The Carolina Bombers
Los Chacales del Ring
Cambridge Bros
Carolina Connection
Chain Gang
Campaign for a Better CZW
The Carolina Connection [2]
Chain Gang [2]
Camp Cornette
Carribean Connection
Chain Gang [3]
Camp Cornette [2]
The Carribean Outlaws
Chain Gang [4]
C&C Wrestle Factory
The Cartel
Chair Swinging Freaks
C & C Wrestling Factory
Cartel [2]
The Challengers
Los Campeones Justicieros
The Cartel [3]
The Champions of Champions
Canadian Bad Boys
El Cartel [4]
Champions Unlimited
Canadian Chippendales
El Cartel [5]
The Chan Clan
The Canadian Cone Connection
The Cartel [6]
The Channel Surfers
Canadian Connection
The Cartel [7]
Canadian Country
Cartel 901
Chaos and Mayhem
Canadian Daggers
Cary Heat
Chaos Entwined
Canadian Extreme
La Casa Italiano
Chaos Theory
Canadian Flava
Casanova Latin Cartel
Chaos und Körperverletzung
Canadian Glamour Boys
Cash Flow Inc.
The Chaotic Action News Team
Canadian Glamour Boys [2]
The Cash Masters
Chaotic Agony
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