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Stables and Tag Teams with Initial Letter L

Currently, there are 11.363 tag teams and stables in our database. In the list below, you can see them listed by name. The order ignores articles, so you will find "Los Perros del Mal" for example at initial letter "P".
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The Laboratory
Law & Order [4]
La Legión Llantera
Lacey's Angels
Law Dogs
The Lacey Twins
The Lawless Alliance
Legionnaires [2]
LA Connection
Lawless and Order
Legionnaires [3]
Law of Attraction
The Legionnaires [4]
Lad Banter
The Laws of Science
Legion of Broome
Las Ladies de Naucalpan
Legion of Destruction
Las Ladies de Polanco
Legion of Doom
Ladies in Pink
LDN City Rockers
Legion of Doom [2]
The Ladies in Power Sisterhood
LDT: the Movie
Legion of Doom 2005
Ladies Night Out
Leaders of the New School
The Legion of Gloom
Ladies Night Out [2]
Leaders of the New School [2]
Legion of Lords
The Lads
The Leaders of the New School [3]
The Legion of Rot
Lads From the Flats
Leaders of the New School [4]
The Legion of Shroom
The Ladykillers
Leaders of the New Skool
The Legion of Ungood
Ladz Ladz Ladz
The League
The Legion of Wolves
The LA Fuckers
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
The Legion of Womb
The League of Extraordinary ‘Rasslin’ Superstars
La Legión X
LA Gunz
League of Extraordinary Wrestlers
Legit 100
L.A. Hustlers
The League of Justice
Legit Dynamite
The League of Justice [2]
Legit Legends
Lambda Lambda Lambda
League of Nations
The Legit Yoots
League of Violence
The Landed Gentry
L'East Connexion
Los Leones del Ring
Land of Giants
Leather and Lace
The Leopards
Land of the Lost
The Lee Kyle Experience
L'Equipe de L'Heure
The Landstrom Institute
The Left Coast Casanovas
Les Artistes
The Laredo Brothers
Left Coast Gorillas
Les Bourreaux
Large and in Charge
Left Hand Path
Les Catalans
Larger Than Life
Les Celtes
Larger Than Life [2]
Legacy of Brutality
Les Chiens de la Casse
The Last Kings of Scotland
Legacy of Brutality [2]
Les Colosses
Last of a Dying Breed
El Legado del Fantasma
Les Coqs de la Patrie
Last of a Dying Breed [2]
Los Legados
Les Cousins Autier
Last Revolution
Les Cousins McHaggis
L.A. Studds
Legend [2]
Les Fabuleux
The Latin Assassins
Los Legendarios
Les Femmes Fatales
Les Frais
Los Latin Boys
Legendary [2]
Les French Men
Latin Connection
Legendary Ladies Men
Les Frères Athienes
Latin Connection [2]
Les Freres Grenier
The Latin Connection [3]
Legion [2]
Les Gangbangers
The Latin Hearttrhobs
Legion [3]
Les Garcons Sauvages
The Latin Hit Squad
Legion [4]
Les Guerriers Du Ring
Latin Hit Squad [2]
Legion [5]
Les Huilés
Latin Hit Squad [3]
The Legion [6]
Les Incorruptables
Latin Lowriders
Legion [7]
Les Injusticiers
Latino Connection
The Legion [8]
La Lesione
The Latinos
Legion [9]
La Lesione Straniera
Los Latinos Locos
Legion [10]
Les Nouveaux Bourreaux
Latino World Order
The Legion [11]
Les Predateurs
Latin Revolution
Legion [12]
Les Scorpiones
Latin Rose Connection
Legion 13
Les Titans
The Latin Soldiers
La Legión Cachanilla
Los Letales
L'Attaque Aerienne
La Legión del Armagedón
Lethal Consequences
Laughter 7
La Legión del Mal
Lethal Dose
La Legión Devastadora
Lethal Enforcers
Law & Order
La Legion Du Nord
Lethal Impact
Law & Order [2]
La Legión Extranjera
Lethal Injection
Law & Order [3]
La Legión Extranjera [2]
Lethal Injection [2]
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