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Tag Team "Kaientai"

Sho Funaki
Sho Funaki's real name is Shoichi Funaki. Sho Funaki was born on 24th August 1968 in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan). Sho Funaki is 180 lbs. (82 kg) and 5'7'' (1.70 m). If you want to read more information about Sho Funaki, just have a look at the detailed profile.
Taka Michinoku
Taka Michinoku's real name is Takao Yoshida. Taka Michinoku was born on 26th October 1973 in Yotsukaido, Chiba (Japan). Taka Michinoku is 183 lbs. (83 kg) and 5'9'' (1.75 m). If you want to read more information about Taka Michinoku, just have a look at the detailed profile.
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Information on the Tag Team Members
Sho Funaki and Taka Michinoku were together members of the stables "Kai En Tai" and "Kai En Tai DX".

Tag Teams and Stables with the Same Name
Stable "Kai En Tai": Dick Togo, MEN's Teio, Mrs. Yamaguchi-San, Sho Funaki, Taka Michinoku and Wally Yamaguchi

Statistics on the matches fought by the wrestlers
1995Michinoku Pro and PWFG1718+926
1996BattlARTS, FMW, Michinoku Pro and W*ING44232+1278
1997Michinoku Pro407-311
1998BattlARTS, FMW and WWE513+29
1999Michinoku Pro and WWE12013-125
2000IWA and WWE12030-1842
2006no classified promotions100+11
20102AW and Michinoku Pro201+13
20132AW and Michinoku Pro10102
Summe 1176129-12252

Championships the wrestlers held together
There are no championships the wrestlers held together in our database.

Matches the wrestlers worked together
1Michinoku Pro JJJ Series ~ In the Top of November - Day 4 ~20th Anniversary in Morioka~
2013/11/04 @ Prefectural Gymnasium in Iwate, Iwate (Japan)
TAKA Michinoku and FUNAKI defeated Takeshi Minamino and Manjimaru
2 K-DOJO New Year Yokohama Pro-Wrestling Festival
2013/01/06 @ Red Brick Warehouse in Yokohama, Kanagawa (Japan)
Kengo Mashimo and Ryuichi Sekine (c) defeated TAKA Michinoku and FUNAKI [Strongest-K Tag Team Titles Match]
3 K-DOJO TAKA Michinoku 20th Anniversary Show
2012/10/14 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Minoru Suzuki, Taichi and NOSAWA Rongai defeated TAKA Michinoku, FUNAKI and CIMA [TAKA Michinoku 20th Anniversary Match]
4 K-DOJO Club-K Super Take
2011/06/18 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Hanzo Nakajima, Dick Togo, MEN's Teio, TAKA Michinoku and FUNAKI defeated Gran Hamada, Jinsei Shinzaki, Super Delfin, The Great Sasuke and Yone Genjin [Kai En Tai DX Final Countdown FINAL]
5 K-DOJO Club-K 3000
2011/04/02 @ Blue Field in Chiba, Chiba (Japan)
TAKA Michinoku and FUNAKI defeated HIROKI and JOE
6 K-DOJO Club-K Super in Chiba Citizen Hall ~ Chiba Pro Wrestling Festival
2011/01/08 @ City Gymnasium in Chiba, Chiba (Japan)
TAKA Michinoku, FUNAKI and TAJIRI defeated Makoto Oishi, Shiori Asahi and Hiro Tonai
7 K-DOJO Club-K Super Overthrow
2010/12/25 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Kaz Hayashi, MEN's Teio, TAKA Michinoku and FUNAKI defeated The Great Sasuke, Minoru Fujita, Kesen Numajiro and Kazuya Yuasa [Gran Naniwa Memorial Match #2 ~ Kaientai*DX Final Countdown #3]
8 K-DOJO Club-K Super Outbreak
2010/10/17 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
TAKA Michinoku and Funaki defeated Taishi Takizawa and Kaji Tomato [Kaientai*DX Final Countdown #2]
9Michinoku Pro The Great Sasuke 20th Anniversary Show
2010/06/11 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
Dick Togo and The Great Sasuke defeated FUNAKI and TAKA Michinoku [Great Sasuke 20th Anniversary Special Match]
10 Indy Summit 2006 - Countdown Pro Wrestling
2006/12/31 @ Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)
TAKA Michinoku, Funaki, Shiryu, Dick Togo and MEN's Teio defeated Katsunari Kishi, Shinjitsu Nohashi, KUDO, Makoto Oishi and Milanito Collection a.t. [Kaientai DX Revival Match]
11 K-DOJO Kaientai Taishuma
2005/07/17 @ Culture Gymnasium in Yokohama, Kanagawa (Japan)
Kengo Mashimo, KAZMA, Ryota Chikuzen and Kunio Toshima defeated TAKA Michinoku, Dick Togo, MEN's Teio and Funaki
12 WWF RAW #438
2001/10/15 @ Corel Centre in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)
Sho Funaki and Taka Michinoku defeated Raven and Justin Credible
13 WWF TV-Taping @ Mobile
2001/10/02 @ Mobile Civic Center in Mobile, Alabama (United States of America)
Taka Michinoku and Sho Funaki defeated ??? and ???
14 WWF RAW #435
2001/09/24 @ Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio (United States of America)
Tommy Dreamer and Chuck Palumbo defeated Taka Michinoku and Sho Funaki
15 WWF TV-Taping @ Memphis
2001/09/18 @ Pyramid Arena in Memphis, Tennessee (United States of America)
Bryan Clarke and Brian Adams defeated Taka Michinoku and Sho Funaki
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