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Champions and Championships

Currently, there are 3.404 active and 2.936 abandoned championships in our championship database. To view the history and related information for a given title, you have to choose a category, a promotion and then the championship. Furthermore, you can view a championship ranking measured by ratings given by our users.

Most popular championships
AAA World Heavyweight Title
NXT Tag Team Titles
AAA World Mixed Tag Team Titles
NXT Title
AAA World Tag Team Titles
NXT United Kingdom Title
AJPW Unified Triple Crown Heavyweight Title
NXT Women’s Title
AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Title
Open the Dream Gate Title
AJPW World Tag Team Titles
Open the Triangle Gate Titles
All Asia Tag Team Titles
OVW Heavyweight Title
AWA Southern Tag Team Titles
OVW Southern Tag Team Titles
AWA World Heavyweight Title
OVW Television Title
AWA World Tag Team Titles
OVW Women's Title
CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas
PWG World Tag Team Titles
CMLL World Heavyweight Title
PWG World Title
CMLL World Light Heavyweight Title
ROH Pure Title
CMLL World Middleweight Title
ROH World Tag Team Titles
CMLL World Tag Team Titles
ROH World Television Title
CMLL World Trios Titles
ROH World Title
CMLL World Welterweight Title
SEX Australian Heavyweight Title
CWA World Heavyweight Title
CZW Tag Team Titles
SMW Heavyweight Title
CZW World Heavyweight Title
Stampede International Tag Team Titles
Dupp Cup
Stampede North American Heavyweight Title
ECW Tag Team Titles
TNAW King of the Mountain Title
ECW Title
UFC Heavyweight Title
ECW World Television Title
UFC Light Heavyweight Title
FCW 15 Title
UFC Lightweight Title
FCW Florida Heavyweight Title
UFC Middleweight Title
FCW Florida Tag Team Titles
UFC Welterweight Title
FIP Heavyweight Title
Ultraviolent Underground Title
FTW World Heavyweight Title
USWA Heavyweight Title
Gay World Anal Title
USWA Tag Team Titles
GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Titles
USWA Unified World Heavyweight Title
GHC Heavyweight Title
WCCW Heavyweight Title
GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles
WCW Cruiserweight Title
GHC Junior Heavyweight Title
WCW European Cup
GSW Ladies Title
WCW Hardcore Title
GSW World Heavyweight Title
WCW International Title
Ironman Heavymetalweight Title
WCW United States Heavyweight Title
IWA International/World Heavyweight Title
WCW Women’s Title
IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title
WCW World 6-Man Tag Team Titles
IWGP Heavyweight Title
WCW World Heavyweight Title
IWGP Intercontinental Title
WCW World Light Heavyweight Title
IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles
WCW World Tag Team Titles
IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title
WCW World Television Title
IWGP Tag Team Titles
WWC Puerto Rican Heavyweight Title
IW Knockouts Tag Team Titles
WWC Unified Universal Heavyweight Title
IW Knockouts Title
WWC World Tag Team Titles
IW World Tag Team Titles
WWE 24/7 Title
IW World Title
WWE Cruiserweight Title
IW X-Division Title
WWE Divas Title
Mexican National Light Heavyweight Title
WWE European Title
Mexican National Trios Titles
WWE Hardcore Title
Mexican National Welterweight Title
WWE Intercontinental Title
Miss TNA
WWE Million Dollar Title
NEVER Openweight Title
WWE RAW Tag Team Titles
NWA Americas Tag Team Titles
WWE RAW Women’s Title
NWA Central States Heavyweight Title
WWE SmackDown Tag Team Titles
NWA Florida Heavyweight Title
WWE SmackDown Women’s Title
NWA Historic Light Heavyweight Title
WWE Title
NWA Historic Middleweight Title
WWE United States Title
NWA Historic Welterweight Title
WWE Universal Title
NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Titles (2. Version)
WWE Women's Title
NWA International Junior Heavyweight Title
WWE World Heavyweight Title
NWA National Title
WWE World Tag Team Titles
NWA North American Heavyweight Title (Post-1993-Vers...
WWF Canadian Title
NWA Southern Heavyweight Title (Mid-America-Version)
WWF International Heavyweight Title
NWA Texas Heavyweight Title
WWF Junior Heavyweight Title
NWA/WCW United States Tag Team Titles
WWF National Title
NWA World Heavyweight Title
WWF North American Heavyweight Title
NWA World Heavyweight Title [2]
WWF World Light Heavyweight Title
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title
WWF World Martial Arts Heavyweight Title
NWA World Tag Team Titles
WWWF International Tag Team Titles
NWA World Women's Title
WWWF United States Tag Team Titles
NWE World Heavyweight Title
wXw Unified World Wrestling Title
NXT Cruiserweight Title
wXw World Tag Team Titles
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