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Champions and Championships

Currently, there are 3.382 active and 2.925 abandoned championships in our championship database. To view the history and related information for a given title, you have to choose a category, a promotion and then the championship. Furthermore, you can view a championship ranking measured by ratings given by our users.

New Wrestling Entertainment
Fact Sheet

List of champions
The 26 title matches

The 26 title matches
1NWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament
2005/11/26 @ Palapartenope in Napoli, Campania (Italy)
Black Pearl defeated Scott Steiner - TITLE CHANGE!!! [NWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament, Final]
2NWE Face to Face 2006 - Day 1
2006/01/28 @ Paladozza Bologna in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
Christian Cage defeated Black Pearl (c) by disqualification
3NWE @ Reggio Calabria
2006/06/01 @ Reggio Calabria, Calabria (Italy)
Black Pearl (c) vs. Darksoul ended without a winner as a no contest
4NWE Summer Tour 2006 - Day 2
2006/08/11 @ Villapiana, Calabria (Italy)
Black Pearl (c) defeated Heidenreich
5NWE Summer Tour 2006 - Day 3
Black Pearl (c) defeated Heidenreich
6NWE Summer Tour 2006 - Day 4
2006/08/13 @ Avellino, Campania (Italy)
Black Pearl (c) defeated Vampiro
7NWE Summer Tour 2006 - Day 6
2006/08/20 @ Lignano Sabbiadoro, Veneto (Italy)
Black Pearl (c) defeated Vampiro [Special Referee: Kishi]
8NWE Destiny is on the Ring Tour - Day 5
2006/12/03 @ Palasport in Ragusa, Sicilia (Italy)
Black Pearl (c) defeated Orlando Jordan
9NWE Destiny is on the Ring Tour - Day 7
2006/12/07 @ Palacosiag in Prato, Toscana (Italy)
Vampiro defeated Black Pearl (c) - TITLE CHANGE!!!
10NWE Destiny is on the Ring Tour - Day 10
2006/12/10 @ Palermo, Sicilia (Italy)
Romeo Roselli defeated Vampiro (c) - TITLE CHANGE!!!
11NWE Face to Face 2007 - Day 2
2007/02/21 @ Ascoli Piceno, Marche (Italy)
Romeo Roselli (c) defeated Juventud Guerrera
121PW/NWE Resurrection
2007/04/06 @ Doncaster Dome in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England (United Kingdom)
Romeo Roselli (c) defeated Sterling James Keenan by disqualification
13TRP Kowalski Cup 2007
2007/05/04 @ PAL Hall in Fall River, Massachusetts (United States of America)
Romeo Roselli (c) defeated Mike Bennett
14NWE Summer Tour 2007 - Day 1
2007/06/17 @ Varallo Sesia, Piemonte (Italy)
Romeo Roselli (c) defeated Antonio and Axel Fury and Caronte and Hade Vansen and Irene and Juventud Guerrera and Kazuchika Okada and The Lion and Lisa Fury and Pac and Red Devil and Sarah Jones and Tom DeMorey and Último Dragón [Royal Rumble]
15NWE Summer Tour 2007 - Day 2
2007/06/19 @ Golfo Aranci, Sardegna (Italy)
Romeo Roselli (c) defeated Antonio
16NWE Summer Tour 2007 - Day 3
2007/06/22 @ Formigine, Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
Romeo Roselli (c) defeated Antonio
17NWE Summer Tour 2007 - Day 4
2007/06/23 @ Napoli, Campania (Italy)
Romeo Roselli (c) defeated Antonio
18NWE Summer Tour 2007 - Day 5
2007/06/26 @ Stadio Comunale A. Riciniello in Gaeta, Lazio (Italy)
Romeo Roselli (c) defeated Antonio
19NWE Summer Tour 2007 - Day 6
2007/06/27 @ Palamale di Viterbo in Viterbo, Lazio (Italy)
Romeo Roselli (c) defeated Hade Vansen
20NWE Summer Tour 2007 - Day 9
2007/07/06 @ Scafati, Campania (Italy)
Romeo Roselli (c) defeated Bernard Vandamme
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