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Trainers and Trainees

In this section, you will find an overview about (until now) 17.495 constellations between trainers and their students. The lists can be sorted by trainer and by student. Here you will find only "real" constellations, "storyline" constellations between trainers and student are excluded.
Initial Letter

Maestros with initial letter A
Aaron Bolo
Trained Dave Turner and Jorel Nelson.
Aaron Epic
Trained Amber Nova, Andrew Merlin, CT Brown, Joey Mayberry, Richard King, Sofia Castillo and Tyranus.
Aaron Idol
Trained Kyle O'Reilly, Nicole Matthews and Veronika Vice.
Aaron Insane
Trained Ahura, Alex Duke, Carlo Calabria, La Catrina, Dan Newton, Kara, Miro Liyan and Vivienne.
Aaron Orion
Trained Nolan Edward and Tommy Vendetta.
Abdullah the Butcher
Trained Abdullah Kobayashi, Iceberg and Vampiro.
Abe Ani Combat ClubTrained Hitomi Akano, Megumi Fujii, Takafumi Otsuka and Yuma Ishizuka.
Abel Adams
Trained Derek Ryze and Gunner.
Abismo Negro
Trained Aero Star, Black Abyss, Dave the Clown, Estrella Negra, Extasis, El Intocable, Lasser Boy, Mini Cibernético, Princesa Ahy Leen, Sadika, Serpiente, Sexy Dulce, El Sucesor, Tóxico and Ultramán Jr..
Abismo Negro Jr.
Trained El Bendito, Dick Angelo 3G and El Legendario.
Trained Hades.
Absolute Andy
Trained Coone, Ingo Vollenberg and Kunze.
Abuelo Carrillo
Trained Azazel, Bestia Salvaje, Cien Caras Jr., Emilio Charles Jr., Flama Solar, Guerrero Universal and Vaquero Jr..
Abundio Radilla
Trained Aristóteles #1, Aristóteles #2, Aspirantito, Fantasma de la Quebrada, Lizmark, Ludwig Star, La Orca and Rolls Royce.
Ace Abbott
Trained Don Slatton.
Ace Darling
Trained Aden Chambers and Mike Quackenbush.
Ace Evans
Trained Nolan Edward.
Ace Freeman
Trained Bruno Sammartino.
Ace Rockwell
Trained Micah Hughes.
Acero Dorado Jr.
Trained Destroyer.
Ace Steel
Trained Adara James, Aiden O'Shea, Bam Bam Nealy, CM Punk, Colt Cabana, Dave Prazak, Eric Priest, Lita, Mia Martínez and Riki Noga.
Ace Trybo
Trained Calvin Kincade and James Von Erich.
Trained Ethan Price and Stallion Rogers.
Action Jackson
Trained Cassandra Golden.
Action Zone Wrestling SchoolTrained Jeff Cobb.
AcuarioTrained Luis Cirio.
ACW Wrestling SchoolTrained Alex May, Argjend Qufaj, Aslan Ankara, BAM, Berengar, Bernd Föhr, Binairial, Bomber, Boombastic, CRiSS RiOT, Dave Angel, DenKo, Dietrich Donazius Rasputin, Dircor, Dr. Carsten Crank, Farmer Joe, Fireangel, Flame, Flippo the Clown, Genosse Boris, German Eagle, Ghostbuster Jimmy, Jan Merker, John Klinger, Kong, Kosta Kaperdos, Lumberjack, Master J, Melanie Gray, Michael Phoenix, Mr. Fantastic, Murat Bilir, The Nameless, Nemesis, Nok Su Kau, The Punisher, Rocky Lottatore, Sawyer California, Shaggy, Simon LaVey, Sören Reuter, Toby Nathland, Van Miller and Viper.
Adam Brown
Trained Dragon Aisu and Minx.
Adam Cage
Trained Portia Pérez.
Adam Cole
Trained Alexander James.
Adam Firestorm
Trained Moondog Manson.
Adam Flash
Trained Ethan Page and Rich Swann.
Adam Hoffman
Trained Carter Deams, Jessica Troy and SnapChad.
Adam Lord
Trained Jackson Spade.
Adam Pearce
Trained Babi Slymm, Bad Bunny, C. Edward Vander Pyle and Dave Prazak.
Adam Polak
Trained Gabriel Angelfyre.
Adam Raw
Trained Evan Gelistico, Gary Jay, Jordan Lacey and Pierre Abernathy.
Adam Roberts
Trained Ace Haven.
Adam Shame
Trained Barry Miller, Chris Renfrew, Craig Byers, RiP, Scott Renwick and Traci.
Adam Thornstowe
Trained Joey Smoak.
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