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Trainers and Trainees

In this section, you will find an overview about (until now) 16.125 constellations between trainers and their students. The lists can be sorted by trainer and by student. Here you will find only "real" constellations, "storyline" constellations between trainers and student are excluded.
Initial Letter

Maestros with initial letter A
Alan CrossTrained Ashley Nicely.
Alan JohnsonTrained Johnny Midnight, Kris Travis, El Ligero, Mikey van Riot, Radu Bulat and Scotty Hexx.
El AlbañilTrained Black Mamba and Sexy Flor.
Albert Ben Chemoul
Trained Vicomte Joel de Noirbreuil.
Alberto El Patrón
Trained El Hijo del Sicodélico.
Alberto Mora
Trained Jerry Estrada, King Balam, L.A. Par-K and Súper Parka.
Alberto Muñoz
Trained Apolo Dantés and César Dantés.
Trained Hellspawn and Nahual.
Al CruzTrained Asterisco.
Alda Moreno
Trained Fairy Bell, Hell Boy, McKiller and Vaneli.
AldanaTrained Trueno.
Aleister Black
Trained Benjamin van Es, Dover, Gabriel Angelfyre, Icarus, Jason Hendrix, Jay Skillet, Kid Lux, Marc End, Michael Dante, Mike Schwarz, Rhys Richards, Sasa Keel, Sheik Al-Aziz and Zack Bury.
Alejandro MontañaTrained Cachorro López, Demon Star and La Figura.
El AlemánTrained Rocker Boy.
Alexander Shlemenko
Trained Andrey Koreshkov.
Alexander Wolfe
Trained Chris Rocke, Dynamite Dave, Franz Engel, Full Nelson, Ilja Dragunov, Laurance Roman, Marcus Monere, Roy Rumble and T-Nox.
Alex BreeskinTrained Siniestro.
Alex Castle
Trained Kiera Nova.
Alex CortesTrained El Charro.
Alex de Alba
Trained El Dinámico #1, Ray Mendoza Jr. and Ultramán.
Alex DynamoTrained La Mole.
Alex Flash
Trained Costantino.
Alex G
Trained Chasyn Rance, Chris Jones, Craig Classic, Joker, Keith Blonde, Kimberly, Konnor, MVP, Maxx Stardom and Tiffany Natasha Tuff.
Alex Knight
Trained Bubba Storm, Luscious Laura, Mark Kissell and Shane Ballard.
Alex Porteau
Trained A Man Named Rouge, Brian Badical, CT Brown and JD Amazing.
Alex Reynolds
Trained Alvin Alvarez and Casanova Valentine.
Alex Shane
Trained CK Light, Cyanide, Dave Rayne, Declan O’Connor, Dom Travis, Gentleman Jack Gallagher, Hade Vansen, Hannah Blossom, Holly Blossom, Jak Domitrescu, Jennidee, Kelly Adams, Mandrake, Marky B. Kraze, Minx, PJ Black, RJ Singh, Silver Star, Stixx and Zack Gibson.
Alex Shelley
Trained Brad Martin and Phil Atlas.
Alex Wright
Trained 925 Sterling Silver, Airstrike, Big Steve, Black Chain, Dean Jazzman, Fabian Aichner, Fast Time Moodo, Greek Leontas, Hades Ladon, Hakeem Waqur, Jessy Jay, Juvenile X, Keesa the Bambi, Kick Ass Jane, Levaniel, MC Logan, Rik Stalwart, Sebastian Hackl, Tayra Gates, Tommy Blue Eyes, Unique, Vicious Impact Power, Will Breaker, Xara Grace and Zora Vesta.
Trained Lindsay Lynn.
Alf KentTrained Pat Roach.
Alfonso Dantés
Trained Apolo Dantés and César Dantés.
Alfonso Moreno
Trained Alda Moreno, Cinthia Moreno, Esther Moreno, Halcón Suriano, El Invasor, Kahoz and Rossy Moreno.
Alfredo PinedaTrained Dragón Lee.
Alf WurrTrained Tony Condello.
Al Galento
Trained Bill Ash, King Cobra and Tommy Gilbert.
Al GaliciaTrained Rocky Santana.
Al Haft
Trained Dapper Dan.
Al Hamilton
Trained Benny Lima.
Ali Aslan
Trained Adam Krüger, Alex Krüger, Brenda Star, Cem Kaplan, Erkan Sulcani, HighJakka, Matze Danger, Nickolas Kluth, Pete Bouncer, Rene Shaw, Robert Kaiser, Slinky, T-Nox, Vanessa la Bestia, Viktor Maximov and Der schöne Ronaldo.
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