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Trainers and Trainees

In this section, you will find an overview about (until now) 15.454 constellations between trainers and their students. The lists can be sorted by trainer and by student. Here you will find only "real" constellations, "storyline" constellations between trainers and student are excluded.
Initial Letter

Maestros with initial letter A
Al Lovelock
Trained Man Mountain Mike.
Alma RojaTrained Black Ventura.
Trained John Klinger and Manu.
Al Snow
Trained Adam Cole, Alex Arion, The Big Guy, Bionic J, The Blue Meanie, Brian Ireland, Cecil Nyx, Chris Wayne, Christian Mascagni, Cody, Crusher Kline, Dan Severn, Daniel Puder, Danny Daniels, Dolph Ziggler, Dusty Dillinger, Dylan Klein, Elvis Elliot, Epiphany, Jackie Gayda, Jake LeDuc, Johnny Impact, Josh Mathews, Kasey Geyer, Kenny, Kenny King, Maniac Mark Mustang, Matt Cappotelli, Matt Morgan, Maven, Nick Mitchell, Nick Mondo, Nidia, Roni Jonah, Scarlett Bordeaux, Scott D'Amore, Seth Skyfire, Shadox, Shaniqua, Shawn Brown, Taylor Matheny, Tom Carter, Tommaso Ciampa and Truth Martini.
Al Steele
Trained Marcus Mathers.
Al Tomko
Trained Buddy Rose, Buddy Wayne, Dan Denton, Roddy Piper, Terry Tomko, Timothy Flowers and Todd Tomko.
AMA Fight ClubTrained Amanda Nunes, Andy Main, Charlie Brenneman, Dan Miller, Jamie Varner, Jim Miller, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Ricardo Romero.
La Amapola
Trained Big Mami.
The Amazing Red
Trained Anthony Gangone, Ken Broadway, Smiley and Sonya Strong.
AMC PankrationTrained Bibiano Fernandes, Caros Fodor, Demetrious Johnson, Ivan Salaverry, Jeff Monson, Mario Miranda and Rich Franklin.
Amenazá BlancaTrained Lestat.
Amenazá Roja
Trained Aztlán and Rebelde Punk.
American Gigolo
Trained Hornet.
American Jiu-Jitsu AcademyTrained Bobby Voelker and Rob Kimmons.
The American Kickboxer
Trained Appollo Starr, Drake Younger, Dustin Lee, Hy-Zaya, Kid Hybrid, Kyle Threat, Scotty Vortekz, Sonne and Willie Watts.
American Kickboxing AcademyTrained Azamat Gashimov, BJ Penn, Ben Askren, Billy Evangelista, Bobby Lashley, Bobby Southworth, Brian Ebersole, Bryan Travers, Cain Velasquez, Chris Cope, Christian Wellisch, Cung Le, Daniel Cormier, Daniel Puder, Frank Shamrock, Gray Maynard, Herschel Walker, JJ Ambrose, James Terry, Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Josh Thomson, Justin Wilcox, Khabib Nurmagomedov, King Mo, Kyle Kingsbury, Lavar Johnson, Luke Rockhold, Lyoto Machida, Marius Žaromskis, Matt Major, Mike Kyle, Mike Swick, Nam Phan, Nate Moore, Paul Buentello, Phil Baroni, Phil Davis, Raul Castillo, Richard Crunkilton, Riki Fukuda, Ron Keslar, Shawn Bunch, Todd Duffee and Trevor Prangley.
American Top TeamTrained Ailton Barbosa, Alessio Sakara, Alexis Vila, Anton Kuivanen, Antonio Mendes, Antonio Silva, Ben Askren, Ben Saunders, Bobby Lashley, Brad Pickett, Brian Bowles, Cale Yarbrough, Carina Damm, Carmelo Marrero, Charles Blanchard, Charles McCarthy, Chris Manuel, Chuck Liddell, Clay Guida, Cole Miller, Dan Cramer, Dan Hornbuckle, Daniel Sarafian, Danillo Villefort, Darrill Schoonover, Denis Kang, Derrick Mehmen, Din Thomas, Dustin Poirier, Francisco France, Gleison Tibau, Héctor Lombard, JZ Cavalcante, Jason Chambers, Jason Young, Jeff Monson, Jessica Aguilar, Joe Ray, Jorge Masvidal, Jorge Santiago, Kalib Starnes, Ken Stone, Kimbo Slice, Lorenzo Borgomeo, Luigi Fioravanti, Luis Santos, Luiz Cané, Luiz Firmino, Marcus Aurélio, Marcus Brimage, Marcus Jones, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Mark Bocek, Mark Holata, Mark Hunt, Micah Miller, Mike Brown, Nathan Coy, Nik Lentz, Nina Ansaroff, Norman Paraisy, Rafael Dias, Rafael Rebello, Rhadi Ferguson, Rich Attonito, Roan Carneiro, Robbie Lawler, Ryan Quinn, Sky Moiseichik, Steve Bruno, Thiago Alves, Thiago Silva, Thiago Tavares, Todd Duffee, Tom Lawlor, Tyron Woodley, Waylon Lowe, Wilson Gouveia and Yves Edwards.
American Wild Child
Trained Charles Mercury, Chris Bosh, Human Tornado, Phoenix Star, Quicksilver, Ronin, Scorpio Sky, Topgun Talwar and Zokre.
América Salvaje
Trained Flamante Turbo #2 and La Parka Jr..
Trained Hell Boy.
Trained Príncipe Dragón.
Amy Action
Trained Dean Draven.
Andre Baker
Trained Adam Frost, Alex Shane, Andy Baker, Andy Hogg, Andy Wild, Anton Green, Big Dog, Caiman, Carl Conroy, Colin McKay, Conscience, Danny Andrews, Dean Champion, Devilman, Domino, Doug Williams, Dunkan Disorderly, Edd Ferris, Eden Black, Finn Bálor, Gabriel Grey, Gary Steele, Jimmy Havoc, Jody Fleisch, Johnny Moss, Jon Ryan, Jonny Storm, Jorge Castano, Justin Richards, Kaleb Hughes, Katarina Leigh, Lee Walker, Leon Murphy, Mad Dog McPhie, Majik, Miss Rachel, Money Muscles Mansfield, Mr. Vain, Omér Ibrahim, Paul Tracey, Phil Powers, Psycho Steve, Quentin Hyde-Styles, Samson, Scott Parker, Stu Bennett, Technico, Tommy White, Tony McMillan and Zack Sabre Jr..
Andre Bollet
Trained Spiros Arion.
André Galvão
Trained Satoshi Ishii and Wanderlei Silva.
Andre MarcelTrained Dee Dee Venturi.
Andre NicolaTrained John Ure.
André Pederneiras
Trained John Lewis, José Aldo, Marcus Aurélio, Renan Barão, Renato Verissimo, Thales Leites, Vitor Ribeiro and Wagnney Fabiano.
Andre Trucker
Trained Askeladd Gormsson, Eddie the Raptor, Marcel Kerber, Rene Richter and Stefan Weiss.
Andrew Davis
Trained Zak Attikkus.
AndrosTrained Blue Center.
Andy Anderson
Trained Bobby Sharp, Brady Roberts and Jesse Youngblood.
Andy Baker
Trained The Babyfaced Pitbull, Baz Mac and D-Mac.
Andy Barrow
Trained Niebla Negra #2.
Andy Harpas
Trained Amy Action, Antonio De'ath, Kandi Luv and Niki Nitro.
Andy Robles
Trained Baby Pérez.
Andy Simmonz
Trained Ciaran Morrison, James Castle, Snare and Stevie Lee.
Trained Jimmy Hustler and Prince Nana.
Angel Armoni
Trained Gabriel Ealy, Silas Young and Uriel Ealy.
AngelasTrained Country Bear.
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