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Trainers and Trainees

In this section, you will find an overview about (until now) 15.564 constellations between trainers and their students. The lists can be sorted by trainer and by student. Here you will find only "real" constellations, "storyline" constellations between trainers and student are excluded.
Initial Letter

Maestros with initial letter A
Angel Armoni
Trained Gabriel Ealy, Silas Young and Uriel Ealy.
AngelasTrained Country Bear.
Ángel Azteca
Trained Alas de Acero, Ángel Azteca Jr. and Emperador Azteca.
El Ángel Azul
Trained Black Cougar Jr., Estrellato and El Infernal.
Ángel BlancoTrained Al-Cold and Ciclón.
Ángel Celestial
Trained Mamba and El Revolucionario.
Ángel del Futuro
Trained Raúl Mendoza.
Ángel Dorado
Trained Ángel Dorado #2, Ángel Dorado Jr. and El Coyote Jr..
Ángel Dorado #2
Trained Hades.
Ángel Dorado Jr.
Trained Pedro Navajas.
Los Angeles Inoki DojoTrained American Balloon.
Ángel Infernal
Trained Aztlán.
Ángel Mortal
Trained Dark Streep, Gallego, Mayam, Mini May Flowers, Pegasso and Ricky.
Ángel Negro
Trained Asesino del Futuro, Aviador, Chico Che, El Halcón and Subzero.
Ángel Negro Jr.
Trained Andraxx GS and Lady Viper.
Ángel o Demonio
Trained Big Memo, Golden Fire, Guerrero Tolteca and Itzcóatl.
Angelo Poffo
Trained Randy Savage.
Angelo Savoldi
Trained Jack Brisco.
Trained El Mexicano.
Trained Mini Mariachi.
Animal Hamaguchi
Trained Akiya Anzawa, BUSHI, Brian Ishizaka, Daio QUALLT, FUNAKI, Garuda, Hiroki Murase, Ikuto Hidaka, Jimmy K-ness JKS, Junji Tanaka, Junkhunter Yoshida, KAI, Kuniyoshi Wada, Kyoko Hamaguchi, Masakado, Masayuki Kono, Michiyoshi Ohara, Milano Collection AT, Mineo Fujita, Nanae Takahashi, Natsuki*Taiyo, Raijin Yaguchi, SUWA, Sareee, Satoshi Kojima, Shinjiro Otani, Shotaro Ashino, TAJIRI, Takao Omori, Takumi Honjo, Tetsuya Naito, Tomoaki Honma, Wataru Inoue, Wataru Sakata, YOSHI-HASHI, Yoshihiro Horaguchi, Yoshihito Sasaki and Yutaka Yoshie.
Anthony McIntyre
Trained Andy O'Sullivan, Andy Swan, Chris Hawk, Mick Falls, Ross Strong, Simon G. Money and Stuart Woods.
Antoine Roy
Trained Flex Armstrong.
Antoni Hardonk
Trained Jared Hamman.
Antonio CruzTrained Águila de Plata, El Falcón, El Faraón, Herodes, Sangre India, El Texano and Yoko Ono.
Antonio Inoki
Trained Bad News Brown, Brian Adams, Heddi Karaoui, Ricky Reyes, Rocky Romero, Tatsumi Fujinami and Yoshiaki Fujiwara.
Antonio LópezTrained Tony Arce.
Antonio MoralesTrained Carlos Plata.
Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira
Trained Luis Palomino.
Antonio Thomas
Trained Perry von Vicious.
Trained Dragón Rojo.
Trained Belial.
Apando NegroTrained Maremoto Jr..
Trained Shaman Dos Mil.
Trained Dr. Veneno.
Apollo Sugawara
Trained Gedo and Super Delfin.
ApoloTrained Austin Powers and Casanova Boy.
Apolo Dantés
Trained Ébola.
Apolo de OroTrained Duende Acosta Jr..
Apolo Romano
Trained El Dorado and Perro Aguayo.
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