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Family Ties

In this section, you will get an overview of 12.732 family ties of people in the wrestling business. Only "real" family ties are listed, "gimmick" family ties are excluded.
Initial letter

People beginning with the letter A
Aalyah Mysterio
Aalyah Mysterio is the sister of Dominik Mysterio and the daughter of Rey Mysterio.
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams is the grandson of Angelo Savoldi, the son of Joe Savoldi, the nephew of Mario Savoldi and the nephew of Tom Savoldi.
Abel Krim
Abel Krim is the brother of Jorge Krim.
Abie Edd
Abie Edd was the brother of Gus Edd and the uncle of Skandar Akbar.
Abismo Negro Jr.
Abismo Negro Jr. is the cousin of Atomic Star.
Abubakar Nurmagomedov
Abubakar Nurmagomedov is the brother of Khabib Nurmagomedov.
Abuelo Carrillo
Abuelo Carrillo is the father of El Bucanero, the father of Loco Zandokan, the father of Loco Zandokan #2 and the grandfather of Zandokan Jr.
Ace Bennett
Ace Bennett is the brother of Bruiser Bennett and the brother of Rick Bennett.
Ace Haven
Ace Haven is the husband of Amy Haven.
Acero is the grandson of Canario Amarillo, the son of Destello Azul and the brother of El Juez.
Acero Dorado Jr.
Acero Dorado Jr. is the son-in-law of Dr. Muerte.
AcertijoAcertijo is the brother of Batman del Futuro, the brother of Chamaco de Fuego, the son of Corazón de Fuego, the brother of Corazón de Fuego Jr. and the brother of Darketela.
Ace Trybo
Ace Trybo is the father of James Von Erich.
Ada Ash
Ada Ash was the wife of Al Szasz.
Adam Copeland
Adam Copeland is the husband of Beth Phoenix and the former brother-in-law of Sean Morley.
Adam Krieger
Adam Krieger was the brother of Johnny Krieger.
Adi Berber
Adi Berber was the father of Adi Berber Jr.
Adi Berber Jr.
Adi Berber Jr. was the son of Adi Berber.
Adib Mansour
Adib Mansour is the brother of Koko Mansour, the brother of Razz Mansour and the brother of Sidi Mansour.
Adolfo Moreno
Adolfo Moreno was the father of César Moreno, the father of Jorge Moreno and the father of Marco Moreno.
Adonis Salazar
Adonis Salazar is the husband of La Amapola.
Adorable Rubí
Adorable Rubí was the uncle of Divino Roy.
Adrian Street
Adrian Street was the husband of Miss Linda.
Adrian Vega
Adrian Vega is the brother of Daren Bane.
Adrien Baillergeon
Adrien Baillergeon was the brother of Charles Baillargeon, the brother of Jean Baillargeon, the brother of Lionel Baillargeon, the brother of Paul Baillargeon and the brother of Tony Baillargeon.
Aero Boy
Aero Boy is the brother of Zafiro.
Aero Extreme
Aero Extreme is the brother of El Emperador Negro.
Aero Power
Aero Power is the son of Polly Star.
Afa is the father of Afa Jr., the father of Alofa, the son of Amituanai Anoa'i, the uncle of Black Pearl, the father-in-law of Gary Albright, the granduncle of Jey Uso, the granduncle of Jimmy Uso, the brother of Junior Anoa'i, the grandfather of Lance Anoa’i, the uncle of Matt Anoa'i, the father of Monica Anoa'i, the nephew of Peter Maivia, the uncle of Rikishi, the second cousin of The Rock, the uncle of Roman Reigns, the father of Samu, the uncle of Sean Maluta, the brother of Sika, the granduncle of Solo Sikoa, the uncle of Tama, the brother of Tumua Anoa'i, the uncle of Umaga, the father of Vale Anoa'i, the brother of Vera Anoa'i and the uncle of Yokozuna.
Afa Jr.
Afa Jr. is the son of Afa, the brother of Alofa, the grandson of Amituanai Anoa'i, the cousin of Black Pearl, the brother-in-law of Gary Albright, the nephew of Junior Anoa'i, the uncle of Lance Anoa’i, the cousin of Matt Anoa'i, the grandnephew of Peter Maivia, the cousin of Rikishi, the second cousin of The Rock, the cousin of Roman Reigns, the brother of Samu, the nephew of Sika, the cousin of Tama, the nephew of Tumua Anoa'i, the cousin of Umaga, the brother of Vale Anoa'i, the nephew of Vera Anoa'i and the cousin of Yokozuna.
Águila Azteca
Águila Azteca is the uncle of Estrellato.
Águila Real
Águila Real is the father of Águila Real Jr. and the brother of El Duke.
Águila Real Jr.
Águila Real Jr. is the son of Águila Real and the nephew of El Duke.
Águila Solitaria
Águila Solitaria is the father of Águila Solitaria Jr. and the father-in-law of Alderan.
Águila Solitaria Jr.
Águila Solitaria Jr. is the son of Águila Solitaria and the brother-in-law of Alderan.
Aguilita MágicaAguilita Mágica is the husband of Hetzza.
Ahmed Chaer
Ahmed Chaer is the brother of Mike Chaer, the son of Mohammed Ali Chaer and the husband of Wesna.
Aiden Frost
Aiden Frost is the brother of Dylan Klein.
Aileen Eaton
Aileen Eaton was the wife of Cal Eaton, the mother of Gene LeBell and the mother of Mike LeBell.
AJ CastilloAJ Castillo is the grandson of Huracán Castillo and the son of Huracán Castillo Jr.
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