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Family Ties

In this section, you will get an overview of 12.676 family ties of people in the wrestling business. Only "real" family ties are listed, "gimmick" family ties are excluded.
Initial letter

People beginning with the letter A
AJ Lee
AJ Lee is the wife of CM Punk.
AJ Sánchez
AJ Sánchez is the brother of JJ Sánchez.
Akbar Farat
Akbar Farat is the nephew of Al Farat.
AkilahAkilah is the wife of Steve Debbes.
Akio Sato
Akio Sato is the husband of Betty Niccoli.
Akira Hokuto
Akira Hokuto is the wife of Kensuke Sasaki, the ex wife of Máscara Mágica and the former daughter-in-law of El Troyano.
Akira MiwaAkira Miwa is the brother of Futoshi Miwa.
Akiya Anzawa
Akiya Anzawa is the brother of Taku Anzawa.
Akram Bholu
Akram Bholu was the brother of Aslam Bholu, the brother of Azam Bholu, the brother of Bholu Pahalwan, the brother of Goga Pahalwan, the nephew of Great Gama and the son of Imam Baksh.
AkronAkron is the father of Akron.
Akron is the son of Akron.
Akuma is the brother of Demus and the brother-in-law of Raven Hiroka.
Al Amezcua
Al Amezcua was the father of Alfonso Dantés, the grandfather of Apolo Dantés, the grandfather of Blade, the grandfather of César Dantés, the father-in-law of Indio Jerónimo and the father of Septiembre Negro.
Alan Alan Alan Tasker
Alan Alan Alan Tasker is the brother of Voodoo.
Alan Kilby
Alan Kilby is the father of EB Jazz.
Alan Stone
Alan Stone is the son of Bello Greco, the brother of Chris Stone, the brother of Súper Caló and the uncle of Súper Caló Jr.
Alba Fyre
Alba Fyre is the wife of Stevie Boy.
Albert Ben Chemoul
Albert Ben Chemoul was the father of René Ben Chemoul.
Alberto Dos Rios
Alberto Dos Rios is the nephew of Halcón Militar.
Alberto El Patrón
Alberto El Patrón is the nephew of Black Gordman, the son of Dos Caras, the brother of El Hijo de Dos Caras, the cousin of El Hijo del Sicodélico, the nephew of Mil Máscaras, the nephew of El Sicodélico and the cousin of El Sicodélico Jr.
Alberto Muñoz
Alberto Muñoz was the brother-in-law of Alfonso Dantés, the uncle of Apolo Dantés and the uncle of César Dantés.
Alberto Torres
Alberto Torres was the brother of Enrique Torres and the brother of Ramón Torres.
Albion Britt
Albion Britt was the son of Aulus Britt and the brother of Floyd Britt.
AlcatrazAlcatraz is the son of Benjamin Mora and the brother of Benjamin Mora Jr.
Al Cornsweet
Al Cornsweet was the brother of Harry Cornsweet.
Alda Moreno
Alda Moreno is the daughter of Alfonso Moreno, the sister of Cinthia Moreno, the former sister-in-law of Dr. Wagner Jr., the sister of Esther Moreno, the aunt of El Galeno del Mal, the former sister-in-law of Groon XXX, the aunt of El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., the sister of Mini Cibernético, the sister of El Oriental, the sister of Rossy Moreno and the former sister-in-law of Ruso Flores.
Alderan is the son-in-law of Águila Solitaria and the brother-in-law of Águila Solitaria Jr.
Alegria is the son of El Sultán.
Alejandro is the cousin of Ray Martinez.
Alejandro FernándezAlejandro Fernández is the brother of Valente Fernández.
Aleki is the husband of Rain and the son of Siva Afi.
Aleksander Emelianenko
Aleksander Emelianenko is the brother of Fedor Emelianenko.
Alex is the brother of Zach Royal.
Alexander James
Alexander James is the husband of Killer Kelly.
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great is the nephew of Cal Roberts.
Alex Arion
Alex Arion is the brother of Elektra Arion and the brother of Frankie Arion.
Alex Breslin
Alex Breslin is the wife of Bonesaw.
Alex CastanoAlex Castano is the brother of Jorge Castano.
Alex Guajardo
Alex Guajardo is the uncle of Energy, the father of Eragon, the father of Golden King, the father of Gremlin and the father of Séptimo Dragón.
Alex IakovidesAlex Iakovides was the father of Con Kovidis.
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