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Family Ties

In this section, you will get an overview of 12.806 family ties of people in the wrestling business. Only "real" family ties are listed, "gimmick" family ties are excluded.
Initial letter

People beginning with the letter A
Alex IakovidesAlex Iakovides was the father of Con Kovidis.
Alexis Darevko
Alexis Darevko is the brother of Sasha Darevko.
Alexis Lightfoot
Alexis Lightfoot is the wife of Jeremy Lightfoot.
Alexis SalazarAlexis Salazar is the cousin of Astro Boy, the cousin of Místico and the son of Tony Salazar.
Alex Kasaboski
Alex Kasaboski was the brother of Babe Kasaboski and the brother of Vincent Kasaboski.
Alex Reynolds
Alex Reynolds is the brother of Kyle Reynolds.
Alex Romano
Alex Romano is the nephew of Rolando Vera.
Alex Silva
Alex Silva is the son of Tommy Rose.
Alex TaylorAlex Taylor is the brother of Pat Taylor and the brother of Tony Taylor.
Alex Windsor
Alex Windsor is the wife of Ryan Smile.
Alex Wonder
Alex Wonder is the husband of La Catrina.
Alex Wright
Alex Wright is the nephew of Bernie Wright and the son of Steve Wright.
Alexxa Flood
Alexxa Flood is the wife of Tony Flood.
Alfa Jr.Alfa Jr. is the nephew of Baby Apache, the daughter of Billy el Malo, the daughter of Fabi Apache, the grandson of Gran Apache and the nephew of Mari Apache.
Al Farat
Al Farat is the uncle of Akbar Farat, the cousin of Bobby Cortes and the brother of Joshua Smith.
Alf Cadman
Alf Cadman was the brother of Ken Cadman.
Alfonso Dantés
Alfonso Dantés was the son of Al Amezcua, the brother-in-law of Alberto Muñoz, the father of Apolo Dantés, the uncle of Blade, the father of César Dantés, the brother-in-law of Indio Jerónimo and the brother of Septiembre Negro.
Alfonso Moreno
Alfonso Moreno was the father of Alda Moreno, the father of Cinthia Moreno, the former father-in-law of Dr. Wagner Jr., the father of Esther Moreno, the grandfather of El Galeno del Mal, the former father-in-law of Groon XXX, the grandfather of El Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr., the father of Mini Cibernético, the father of El Oriental, the father of Rossy Moreno and the former father-in-law of Ruso Flores.
Al Galento
Al Galento is the ex husband of Helen Hild.
Ali Aliba
Ali Aliba was the brother of Rene LaBelle.
Alice CooperAlice Cooper is the ex wife of Chuck Savage and the sister of Rita Chavez.
La Alimaña
La Alimaña is the uncle of Aramís, the brother-in-law of El Brazo, the brother-in-law of Brazo Cibernético, the brother-in-law of Brazo de Oro, the brother-in-law of Brazo de Plata, the brother-in-law of Brazo de Platino, the uncle of Goya Kong, the former brother-in-law of Lady Apache, the uncle of La Máscara, the uncle of Máximo, the uncle of Muñeca de Plata, the uncle of Psycho Clown, the uncle of Robin, the son-in-law of Shadito Cruz and the uncle of Súper Brazo Jr.
Alisha Edwards
Alisha Edwards is the wife of Eddie Edwards.
Ali Shan
Ali Shan is the uncle of Shak Khan.
Alison is the sister of Engranaje Jack.
Alison HartAlison Hart is the sister-in-law of BJ Annis, the ex wife of Ben Bassarab, the sister of Bret Hart, the sister of Bruce Hart, the former sister-in-law of Davey Boy Smith, the aunt of Davey Boy Smith Jr., the sister of Dean Hart, the sister of Diana Hart, the sister of Ellie Hart, the sister of Georgia Hart, the daughter of Helen Hart, the sister-in-law of Jim Neidhart, the sister of Keith Hart, the aunt of Matt Hart, the aunt of Natalya, the sister of Owen Hart, the sister of Ross Hart, the sister of Smith Hart, the daughter of Stu Hart, the aunt of Teddy Hart and the sister of Wayne Hart.
Alistair Overeem
Alistair Overeem is the brother of Valentijn Overeem.
Allen RubyAllen Ruby is the son of Bert Ruby.
Allie Recks
Allie Recks is the wife of Mike Orlando.
Allison Danger
Allison Danger is the wife of Ares, the aunt of Colby Corino and the sister of Steve Corino.
Al Mills
Al Mills was the brother of Tiny Mills.
Al Miquet
Al Miquet is the son of Don Mendoza.
Alofa is the son of Afa, the brother of Afa Jr., the grandson of Amituanai Anoa'i, the cousin of Black Pearl, the brother-in-law of Gary Albright, the nephew of Junior Anoa'i, the uncle of Lance Anoa’i, the cousin of Matt Anoa'i, the grandnephew of Peter Maivia, the cousin of Rikishi, the second cousin of The Rock, the cousin of Roman Reigns, the brother of Samu, the nephew of Sika, the cousin of Tama, the nephew of Tumua Anoa'i, the cousin of Umaga, the brother of Vale Anoa'i, the nephew of Vera Anoa'i and the cousin of Yokozuna.
Alois Wiedemann Jr.
Alois Wiedemann Jr. was the son of Alois Wiedemann Sr.
Alois Wiedemann Sr.
Alois Wiedemann Sr. was the father of Alois Wiedemann Jr.
Al Pérez
Al Pérez is the brother of Lou Pérez.
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf is the brother of Dragón Bane, the grandnephew of Enrique Camarena, the grandnephew of Miguel Camarena and the son of Tarasco #3.
Alphonse DhondtAlphonse Dhondt is the brother of Frank Dhondt.
Al Rojo Vívo
Al Rojo Vívo is the father of Destello Negro, the father of Destello Negro #2 and the uncle of Mini Psycho Clown.
Al Romero
Al Romero was the uncle of Chris Youngblood, the uncle of Jay Youngblood, the uncle of Mark Youngblood, the brother of El Negro, the uncle of Rick Youngblood and the brother of Ricky Romero.
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