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Family Ties

In this section, you will get an overview of 12.096 family ties of people in the wrestling business. Only "real" family ties are listed, "gimmick" family ties are excluded.
Initial letter

People beginning with the letter A
The Amazing Red
The Amazing Red is the cousin of Joel Maximo, the cousin of José Maximo, the cousin of Thea Trinidad and the cousin of Wil Maximo.
Amazona is the daughter of Lobo del Norte and the sister of Lobo del Norte Jr.
Amber Gallows
Amber Gallows is the ex wife of Doc Gallows.
Amber Rodríguez
Amber Rodríguez is the cousin of Velveteen Dream.
Amenazá Roja
Amenazá Roja is the father of Amenazá Roja Jr.
Amenazá Roja Jr.
Amenazá Roja Jr. is the son of Amenazá Roja.
American All-Star
American All-Star is the ex husband of Vicky Haskins.
América Salvaje
América Salvaje is the nephew of Black Nassel, the brother of Dalton Stone, the brother of Javier Escobedo, the brother of Martin Escobedo and the son of Oso Negro.
Américo Rocca
Américo Rocca is the father of Américo Rocca Jr. and the father of Xavier Rocca.
Américo Rocca Jr.
Américo Rocca Jr. is the son of Américo Rocca and the brother of Xavier Rocca.
Amituanai Anoa'iAmituanai Anoa'i is the father of Afa, the grandfather of Alofa, the uncle of Ata Maivia, the grandfather of Black Pearl, the great-grandfather of Jey Uso, the great-grandfather of Jimmy Uso, the father of Junior Anoa'i, the grandfather of Manu, the grandfather of Matt Anoa'i, the grandfather of Monica Anoa'i, the brother of Peter Maivia, the uncle of Peter Maivia Jr., the grandfather of Rikishi, the grandfather of Roman Reigns, the grandfather of Samu, the father of Sika, the grandfather of Tama, the father of Tumua Anoa'i, the grandfather of Umaga, the grandfather of Vale Anoa'i, the father of Vera Anoa'i and the grandfather of Yokozuna.
Amnesia is the brother of Áster Boy.
Amnesia is the son of José Torres.
Amy Haven
Amy Haven is the wife of Ace Haven.
Amy Hennig
Amy Hennig is the daughter of Curt Hennig, the sister of Curtis Axel, the niece of Jesse Hennig and the granddaughter of Larry Hennig.
Amy Love
Amy Love is the ex wife of Bruce Santee.
AnanziAnanzi is the nephew of Danie Voges.
Anarchy 2nd
Anarchy 2nd is the brother of Fuel.
Andrade is the son of Brillante, the nephew of El Espanto Jr., the cousin of El Espanto Jr., the grandson of El Moro, the nephew of El Moro #3, the nephew of Pentagoncito and the nephew of El Polifacético.
Andreas Spång
Andreas Spång is the brother of Christopher Spång.
Andrés Valderrama
Andrés Valderrama was the father of El Cachorro Valderrama and the father of Puma Valderrama Jr.
Androide is the son of Ángel Mortal.
AndrosAndros is the father of Blue Center.
Andy Boy
Andy Boy is the son of Octandy.
Andy Dalton
Andy Dalton is the son of Frank Dalton.
Andy GeorgeAndy George is the brother of Pinky George.
Andy Ologun
Andy Ologun is the brother of Bobby Ologun.
Andy Swan
Andy Swan is the brother of Si Swan.
El Ángel
El Ángel is the father of El Hijo del Ángel.
Ángel Azteca
Ángel Azteca was the uncle of Ángel Azteca Jr.
Ángel Azteca Jr.
Ángel Azteca Jr. is the nephew of Ángel Azteca.
El Ángel Azul
El Ángel Azul is the cousin of Comandante Muerte, the nephew of Jaivo #3, the nephew of Jaivo #4, the grandson of Jaivo Flores, the nephew of Jaivo Flores Jr., the nephew of Princesa Flores and the nephew of El Rey de los Muertos.
Ángel Blanco
Ángel Blanco was the father of Ángel Blanco Jr., the father of El Hijo del Ángel Blanco, the father of El Hijo del Ángel Blanco #2, the grandfather of Höruz and the former father-in-law of Rey Salomón.
Ángel Blanco Jr.
Ángel Blanco Jr. is the son of Ángel Blanco, the brother of El Hijo del Ángel Blanco, the brother of El Hijo del Ángel Blanco #2, the uncle of Höruz and the former brother-in-law of Rey Salomón.
Ángel Boy
Ángel Boy is the son of Dr. Muerte.
Angel Camacho
Angel Camacho is the cousin of Roberto Romero and the cousin of Vinnie Camacho.
Ángel de la Muerte
Ángel de la Muerte was the cousin of El Ángel del Infierno.
Ángel de la MuerteÁngel de la Muerte is the brother of El Fantasma, the father of El Fantasma Jr. and the uncle of Santos Escobar.
Ángel del Futuro
Ángel del Futuro is the son of Zimba.
El Ángel del Infierno
El Ángel del Infierno is the cousin of Ángel de la Muerte.
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