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Family Ties

In this section, you will get an overview of 12.676 family ties of people in the wrestling business. Only "real" family ties are listed, "gimmick" family ties are excluded.
Initial letter

People beginning with the letter A
Ann Laverne
Ann Laverne was the mother of Bobby Lane, the mother-in-law of Gordon Nelson, the mother of Marie LaVerne, the wife of Roberto Pico and the grandmother of Steve Nelson.
Ante Cimex
Ante Cimex is the brother of Guldkalven.
Anthony Battle
Anthony Battle is the brother of Chris Battle.
Anthony Njokuani
Anthony Njokuani is the brother of Chidi Njokuani.
Anthony Pettis
Anthony Pettis is the brother of Sergio Pettis.
Antifaz del Norte
Antifaz del Norte is the son of Lila Cavazos and the son of Marco Tulio.
Antoine Roy
Antoine Roy is the cousin of Midianne.
Antonio CruzAntonio Cruz was the husband of Yoko Ono.
Antonio Peña
Antonio Peña was the cousin of Cadaver de Ultratumba, the second cousin of Cadaver de Ultratumba Jr., the uncle of Dorian Roldan, the nephew of Espectro #1, the cousin of Espectro Jr., the cousin of Espectro de Ultratumba, the brother-in-law of Joaquín Roldan, the brother of Marisela Peña Roldan, the cousin of El Picudo, the son of Ponzoña, the cousin of Sancara, the cousin of Silver Cat, the cousin of Tóxico and the second cousin of Xena.
Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira
Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira is the brother of Antônio Rogério Nogueira.
Antônio Rogério Nogueira
Antônio Rogério Nogueira is the brother of Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira.
Antrax was the son of Centella and the brother of Ébola.
Anubis is the son of Ku Klux Klan.
Anubis was the wife of Mensajero de la Muerte.
Apache PrincessApache Princess is the wife of Bobby Barron.
Apocalipsis #1Apocalipsis #1 is the brother of Apocalipsis #2 and the uncle of Rey Apocalipsis.
Apocalipsis #2Apocalipsis #2 is the brother of Apocalipsis #1 and the father of Rey Apocalipsis.
Apollo is the father of Apolo Jr. and the husband of Habana.
Apolo #1
Apolo #1 is the uncle of Apolo Jr., the son of Pepe Cisneros, the nephew of Rigo Cisneros, the brother of Tony Cisneros, the cousin of El Zorro and the cousin of El Zorro #2.
Apolo Chávez
Apolo Chávez is the father of Ángel de Oro and the father of Niebla Roja.
Apolo Dantés
Apolo Dantés is the grandson of Al Amezcua, the nephew of Alberto Muñoz, the son of Alfonso Dantés, the cousin of Blade, the brother of César Dantés, the nephew of Indio Jerónimo and the grandnephew of Septiembre Negro.
Apolo de OroApolo de Oro is the nephew of Duende Acosta, the cousin of Duende Acosta Jr., the nephew of Marinero Acosta, the son of Strong #1 and the cousin of Tony Acosta.
Apolo Estrada
Apolo Estrada is the father of Apolo Estrada Jr.
Apolo Estrada Jr.
Apolo Estrada Jr. is the son of Apolo Estrada.
Apolo Jr.
Apolo Jr. is the son of Apollo.
Apolo Jr.
Apolo Jr. is the nephew of Apolo #1, the second cousin of Lola la Texana, the grandnephew of Pepe Cisneros, the grandnephew of Rigo Cisneros, the nephew of Tony Cisneros, the second cousin of El Zorro and the second cousin of El Zorro #2.
Apolo Navarro
Apolo Navarro is the brother of Drako, the brother of Negro Navarro, the uncle of Trauma #1 and the uncle of Trauma #2.
Apolo Sureño Jr.
Apolo Sureño Jr. is the son of Máquina Salvaje.
Apolo Valaguez
Apolo Valaguez is the son of Chamaco Valaguez, the brother of Circulo Negro and the brother of Nosferatu.
Apóstol Jr.Apóstol Jr. is the uncle of Magia Blanca and the father of Myzteziz Jr.
April Hunter
April Hunter is the wife of JD Maverick.
Aquiles is the son of El Reo.
Aramís is the niece of La Alimaña, the niece of El Brazo, the niece of Brazo Cibernético, the daughter of Brazo de Oro, the niece of Brazo de Plata, the niece of Brazo de Platino, the cousin of Goya Kong, the stepdaughter of Lady Apache, the sister of La Máscara, the cousin of Máximo, the cousin of Muñeca de Plata, the cousin of Psycho Clown, the cousin of Robin, the granddaughter of Shadito Cruz, the niece of Súper Brazo and the cousin of Súper Brazo Jr.
La Araña Atómica
La Araña Atómica was the grandfather of El Hijo del Mosco and the father of X-Fly.
Araña de PlataAraña de Plata is the father of Araña de Plata Jr.
Araña de Plata Jr.
Araña de Plata Jr. is the son of Araña de Plata, the brother-in-law of Fairy Bell and the husband of Vaneli.
Arandú is the father of Arandú Jr., the father of El Lobo, the father of Rey Tawa and the brother of Tigre Misterio.
Arandú Jr.Arandú Jr. is the son of Arandú and the nephew of Tigre Misterio.
Arcángel #1Arcángel #1 is the brother of Arcángel #2, the brother of Arcángel #3 and the brother of King Demon.
Arcángel #2Arcángel #2 is the brother of Arcángel #1, the brother of Arcángel #3 and the brother of King Demon.
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