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Family Ties

In this section, you will get an overview of 12.270 family ties of people in the wrestling business. Only "real" family ties are listed, "gimmick" family ties are excluded.
Initial letter

People beginning with the letter A
Ariya Daivari
Ariya Daivari is the brother of Shawn Daivari.
Arkalis is the son of Blue Man.
Arkángel de la Muerte
Arkángel de la Muerte was the brother of El Torbellino.
Arkano is the brother of Nahuel.
Arlie Gilbert
Arlie Gilbert is the grandfather of Doug Gilbert, the grandfather of Eddie Gilbert and the father of Tommy Gilbert.
Armagedon is the brother of Eslabón Perdido and the son of El Universo.
Armajit Singh
Armajit Singh is the cousin of Naranjan Singh.
Armand Rougeau
Armand Rougeau is the uncle of Cedric Rougeau, the brother-in-law of Denis Gauthier Sr., the grandnephew of Eddie Auger, the son of Jacques Rougeau, the brother of Jacques Rougeau, the uncle of Jean-Jacques Rougeau, the brother of Johanne Rougeau, the nephew of Johnny Rougeau and the brother of Raymond Rougeau.
Arn Anderson
Arn Anderson is the father of Brock Anderson.
Arnold Minkley
Arnold Minkley is the brother of Bruno Minkley.
Arnold Skaaland
Arnold Skaaland was the father of George Skaaland.
Arron JowettArron Jowett is the grandnephew of Terry Jowett.
Art Barr
Art Barr was the brother of Jesse Barr, the son of Sandy Barr and the brother of Shawn Barr.
Arthur Ackermann
Arthur Ackermann was the father-in-law of Jacob Saturski, the grandfather of Rudi Saturski and the great-grandfather of Wolfgang Saturski.
Arthur Belshaw
Arthur Belshaw is the brother of Cliff Belshaw and the brother of Jack Belshaw.
Art Mondt
Art Mondt was the brother of Joe Toots Mondt and the brother of Ralph Mondt.
Arturo Gaona
Arturo Gaona is the father of Arturo Gaona Jr., the grandson of Octavio Gaona, the son of Octavio Gaona Jr. and the nephew of Tamba.
Arturo Gaona Jr.
Arturo Gaona Jr. is the son of Arturo Gaona, the great-grandson of Octavio Gaona, the grandson of Octavio Gaona Jr. and the grandnephew of Tamba.
As Charro
As Charro was the brother of Charro de Jalisco and the father of Mictlán Mx.
As Charro
As Charro is the son of Cinico Meza, the son-in-law of Dalys la Caribeña and the son-in-law of Negro Casas.
Asdrúbal is the son of Trolebus.
Asen Yamamoto
Asen Yamamoto is the son of Miyu Yamamoto and the nephew of Norifumi Yamamoto.
El Asesino de BostonEl Asesino de Boston was the brother of Cachorro Zapata and the uncle of Optymuz.
Asesino Negro
Asesino Negro is the father of Asesino Negro Jr.
Asesino Negro Jr.
Asesino Negro Jr. is the son of Asesino Negro and the husband of Sahori.
Ashley MK
Ashley MK is the sister of Steff MK.
Ashley Vox
Ashley Vox is the sister of Delmi Exo.
Aslam Bholu
Aslam Bholu was the brother of Akram Bholu, the brother of Azam Bholu, the brother of Bholu Pahalwan, the brother of Goga Pahalwan, the nephew of Great Gama and the son of Imam Baksh.
Aspen Faith
Aspen Faith is the husband of Emersyn Jayne.
Áster Boy
Áster Boy is the brother of Amnesia.
Asterisco is the father of Asterisco Jr.
Asterisco Jr.
Asterisco Jr. is the son of Asterisco.
Astro is the brother of Astro de Plata, the nephew of Giro, the nephew of Kahoz, the cousin of Kahoz Jr., the cousin of El Mephisto and the second cousin of Rey Halcón.
Astro Boy
Astro Boy was the cousin of Alexis Salazar, the brother of Argenis, the son of Dr. Karonte, the brother of Dr. Karonte, the brother of Dr. Karonte Jr., the cousin of Magnus, the brother of Místico, the nephew of Tony Salazar and the cousin of Ulises Jr.
Astro de Plata
Astro de Plata is the brother of Astro, the nephew of Giro, the nephew of Kahoz, the cousin of Kahoz Jr., the cousin of El Mephisto and the second cousin of Rey Halcón.
Asturiano is the son of Príncipe Rojo, the brother of Príncipe Rojo Jr. and the nephew of Tarahumara.
Asya is the wife of Dale Torborg.
Ata Maivia
Ata Maivia is the niece of Amituanai Anoa'i, the daughter of Ofelia Maivia, the daughter of Peter Maivia, the sister of Peter Maivia Jr., the sister-in-law of Ricky Johnson, the mother of The Rock, the wife of Rocky Johnson and the sister of Toa Maivia.
Atenea is the sister of Coral, the daughter of Iván el Bronco and the daughter of La Malinche.
Atlántico is the brother of Atlantis, the brother-in-law of Daniela and the son-in-law of El Satánico.
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