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Family Ties

In this section, you will get an overview of 12.270 family ties of people in the wrestling business. Only "real" family ties are listed, "gimmick" family ties are excluded.
Initial letter

People beginning with the letter A
Atlantis is the brother of Atlántico.
ATM is the son of La Diosa del Fuego, the father-in-law of Low Rider and the father of Sadika.
Atómico Ramírez
Atómico Ramírez is the cousin of Perla Rey.
Atomic Star
Atomic Star is the cousin of Abismo Negro Jr.
Atsushi Maruyama
Atsushi Maruyama is the husband of Chikako Shiratori.
Atticus Cogar
Atticus Cogar is the brother of Otis Cogar.
El Audaz
El Audaz is the brother of Fire Man and the son of Furia Poblana.
Audrey Marie
Audrey Marie is the wife of Tyler Breeze.
Aulus Britt
Aulus Britt was the father of Albion Britt and the father of Floyd Britt.
Austin Gunn
Austin Gunn is the son of Billy Gunn and the brother of Colten Gunn.
Austin Rhodes
Austin Rhodes is the nephew of Dusty Rhodes.
Austin Tyler Morris
Austin Tyler Morris is the son of Mark Morris.
Aventurero is the brother of Estrella Dorada Jr., the brother of Hator, the son of Monje Negro and the brother of Monje Negro Jr.
El Averno
El Averno is the nephew of Rizado Ruíz and the son of Rodolfo Ruíz.
Avian is the brother of Danny V.
Awesome Kong
Awesome Kong is the wife of Freight Train.
Axel Dieter
Axel Dieter was the father of Marcel Barthel.
Axel Salazar
Axel Salazar is the brother of Leon Dorado.
Axxel is the grandnephew of Black Guzmán, the nephew of El Hijo del Santo, the son-in-law of Huracán Ramírez, the grandnephew of Jimmy Guzmán, the grandnephew of Pantera Negra, the brother of Rocker #2, the grandson of El Santo and the second cousin of El Santo Jr.
Ayako Hamada
Ayako Hamada is the daughter of Gran Hamada, the sister-in-law of Pentagón Black, the sister-in-law of Tiger Mask #4 and the half-sister of Xóchitl Hamada.
Ayumi Kurihara
Ayumi Kurihara is the wife of YOSHI-HASHI.
Azam Bholu
Azam Bholu is the brother of Akram Bholu, the brother of Aslam Bholu, the brother of Bholu Pahalwan, the brother of Goga Pahalwan, the nephew of Great Gama and the son of Imam Baksh.
Azazel is the brother of Bestia Salvaje, the brother-in-law of Charrito de Oro, the son of Espectro #2 and the brother-in-law of María del Ángel.
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